Why Should Your Company Give a Hoot About Affiliate Marketing?

Does your brand need eyeballs?

If so, you probably already know that you need to advertise. With all the digital hoopla, available these days, figuring out how you should be getting your word out to the masses may seem complicated if not downright overwhelming.

Good news.

Did you know that it is quite possible to offload the stress and anxiety associated with getting found?

You can.

The best part is that they have already figured out a strategic game plan that works for them. That is if they have become a top Affiliate Marketer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of you (the company) paying a commission to an outside source (the Affiliate) for generating conversions (whether they be clicks, views, leads, sales) to your products or services.

Affiliate Marketing Partnership Power

We all have looming deadlines and often lack enough time to get everything accomplished.

Could that be the reason for more than 80% of brands tapping into the power of affiliate marketing strategies? Probably.

After all, making sure sales are flowing opens the gateway for other things to be accomplished. Hopefully that doesn’t mean additional meetings, unless they happen to be celebrations from meeting your projected sales goals yet again this quarter.

This all happened because you chose to partner with Affiliate Marketers that knew how to go out and get the job done.

Affiliate marketers need almost nothing from you (other than the aforementioned pay) to advertise your products online. Most have the necessary knowledge and tools to go about and promote you the best they can.

A company adopting its own in-house affiliate program usually offers its affiliates to use a valuable inventory of banners, LP’s and other creatives, however, affiliates can choose to design their own and of course, submit it to the company for approval.

Whichever be the case, advertisers benefit a whole lot by using Affiliate Marketing as a primary marketing tool.

From Partnerships to Peers

Should you choose to grab onto the golden ring of affiliate marketing what you might discover is.

Some Affiliate Marketers do less than expected while the others make that positive Return On Investment cash machine sing. The theory is that about 20% of the people do 80% of the work. It has been found to be true in so many areas of life which can apply to your affiliate team too.

In fact, finding those people who can bring your product to market with amazing sales success can be a challenge without using an affiliate marketing strategy. Imaging interviewing countless people to see who will do your marketing, making that hiring decision and then finding out that you have opted into a dud.

None of that is necessary when you use the affiliate marketing strategy.

They perform.

Your sales skyrocket.

Payday happens for everyone.

That’s the winning power of affiliate marketing.


Now let’s say you needed new blood in your marketing department. Would it make more sense to secure your talent from someone who can write a good resume, hold an amazing interview or an individual who has already actively been responsible for helping your department meet this quarters budget?

You’ll likely pay more but you will also know that you can rely on their performance before committing to their corresponding paycheck.

Brand Content Relevancy

You’ve just released a new kitchen gizmo that slices, it dices it even does the dishes. It will be a hit.

Now you need to secure your affiliate marketing talent.

Which of the following Affiliate Marketers do you think will find an interest in working with you?

1. Someone with a Twitter channel of over 10K and a focus on football?

2. Someone with a Facebook fan page that has 5K and a focus on career placement?

3. Someone with a kitchen gadgets blog that receives 1000 visitors daily?

It’s no secret that the 3rd option is who would be most interested in your product.


Because they are niched to the topic already.

This fact is an advantage for you.

They already have highly qualified traffic that is interested in kitchen gizmos. Simply put, it’s a win-win-win situation.

You win.

The Affiliate Marketer wins.

And, perhaps most importantly, your customer wins. Then they go and rave about that win on their own social networking sphere of influence.

Concluding Thoughts About Launching Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Here’s a treasure for you, saved for last. Let’s see if you agree.

78% of CMO’s admitted that when it comes to digital marketing strategies affiliate marketing is one of the least mastered talents.

However, your way into that statistic, doesn’t it just make sense to increase sales while decreasing expense in your marketing efforts? Especially if you are able to save time while doing so.

That’s why, you too, need to join the ranks of happy Advertisers with a string of high quality Affiliate Marketer’s ready to go to work on your behalf.