Why Mobile Matters to Your Next Affiliate Marketing Campaign

For years, the only true way to experience everything the Internet had to offer was to login to a desktop computer, but these days, things are changing. Mobile devices like Android smart phones and iPads are becoming common place in millions of pockets and backpacks and are making it possible to access every corner of the Internet from every corner of the globe.

So, as an affiliate marketer, you should have an infrastructure for your next marketing campaign that will allow you to reach out to people on their smart phones, tablets, and portable devices just as effectively as on their desktop or laptop.

Mobile vs. Full Desktop

For years, the best way to build a website that was friendly to mobile browsers was to install a mobile only version. Free CMS tools like WordPress and Joomla have plugins that allow you to do this automatically. However, today’s mobile browsers are capable of accessing any content that your desktop can.

But, that doesn’t mean they should. A desktop optimized site tends to have smaller text, wider columns and more content per square inch of screen real estate and while it renders perfectly well on a mobile browser, it isn’t necessarily easy to read.

Increasingly, websites are streamlining to meet the demand for easy to read content on mobile platforms. Some great tools currently on the market for mobile browsers include:

  • Swiffy – Google’s newest web tool allows you to convert Flash animations of 512kb or less into iOS friendly HTML5. It’s free and easy to use and it works quite well.
  • OnSwipe – The OnSwipe WordPress app allows you to create a tablet ready blog. It’s free too, which is a big plus for the affiliates out there running multiple blogs.
  • Customizing Logos and Icons – Remember that mobile browsers and devices can save icons ot their home screen (a la the App Store). So, create customized logos and icons that fit the standard size for this (64×64 pixels). There are some free tools that do this, but I like iOS Icon Makr ($7), available as a Photoshop Extension or a standalone tool on Graphic River.

Why Mobile Matters So Much

So, why put so much effort into creating customized logos and adjusting your layout for mobile browsers? It’s more than just accommodating some of your users – it’s realizing that a rapidly increasing number of people are using their phones and tablets to access the Internet instead of a PC.

In the last five years, the number has grown from around 15% to a whopping 55% of people accessing the Internet daily on their phones. So, your marketing strategies need to take that shift in user preferences into account and go where consumers are consuming.