Why Content Matters MORE to Affiliate Marketers

There is a common misconception that affiliate marketers need to focus more on traffic generation and conversions than a vendor, who must focus on providing exceptional quality content.

The reality is that both vendors and affiliates should be focused on all three. A vendor cannot attract top tier affiliates if their offer doesn’t convert, nor can an affiliate attract traffic if they don’t have high quality content.

For this reason, we want to discuss a few of the things you should be doing as an affiliate to maximize your content value and build relationships with readers so you can build your business faster.

*  Deliver Daily – While no one knows for sure what works best to rank in Google, we do know that more content means better indexing, and better indexing means higher rankings. If you post more content to a blog or website, you’ll bet more traffic and subsequently make more sales.

*  Brand Your Own Content – At the same time, too many affiliates are afraid of building a brand that will allow them to grow their sites faster. Don’t be afraid to attach your name (or a pseudonym) to your content so you can start building your sites faster, creating relationships and leveraging all of it for a better return on investment.

*  Cobrand with Vendors – Vendors love when affiliates take an active role in content creation. Whether it’s a free report you offer as a bonus when someone orders through you or an interview you perform with a vendor, you can often get an affiliate manager on the phone, or possibly even the actual brand-name vendor, to create a cobranded marketing tool.

*  Build a Brand on Social Media – Use social media liberally to build your brand more actively. Whether that means having a separate page for each of your websites or creating a central brand that you use to promote a broad range of sites and products, having that presence can help you reach more people more often.

Why is content more effective now than ever before? It’s partially because of Google’s crackdown on black and gray hat SEO tactics, but it’s also because people are more discerning and focused on relationships online than ever before.

There are plenty of affiliates who make very good livings without a single name on one of their sites – generic information providing useful tips that leads to a sale. But increasingly that’s becoming the exception and not the rule. The best affiliates – the ones that make the most money on each of their mailings and each of their new sites – are the ones that create content that builds a strong brand and a subsequent relationship with their audience. If you can become one of those affiliates, you’ll be well on your way to joining their ranks.