What Makes a Brand Facebook Friendly?

One of the most effective ways to reach out to potential new prospects and build a larger following in your niche is to build a strong presence on Facebook. But how do you create a brand that is ready for Facebook? There are so many things different about how Facebook presents and processes information and people expect different things there than they would on a blog or a news site, so how do you revise your content in such a way that it encourages engagement and builds relationships with those prospects? Let’s take a look.

The Social Aspect

The core tenet of a successful Facebook marketing plan is to make things social. If you’re not being social, you’re missing a major opportunity to connect with prospects and potential customers in a way that could last for years. Specifically, you need to revise your sales materials to be more engaging and provide direct value to your fans, instead of selling to them.

Too many of us are used to selling things “at” someone instead of “with” them. The idea is that you first recognize a problem that someone has and then present a solution for that problem. The days of telling someone what their problem is and why you can solve it are long gone. You now need to show you understand that problem and that you want to help them with it.

This can be done in a number of ways. Here are some tools you can integrate on Facebook that allow you to do just this:

* Facebook Group – Create a Facebook group that focuses on a specific problem that people in your niche might have and invite your current and potential customers to join and discuss it with you.
* Featured Questions and Contributions – When someone asks a good question or posts a really good response to one of your wall posts, feature it on your Timeline. The ability to feature such things makes it possible to generate goodwill among those who contribute to your brand.
* Case Study Uploads – Solicit and upload case studies in the form of images and videos to your Facebook Page. If someone evangelizes for your brand, don’t just encourage it, reward it with exposure.
* Active Question Seeking – Go out of your way to create conversations and convince people to present their questions and thoughts on your wall. You want every opportunity you can get to show how useful you are as an expert in your field. That’s what your Facebook Page allows you to do.

Facebook is not about selling, nor is it about building your brand. These are just happy side effects if you effectively create a connection between yourself and your Fans. The goal is relationship building and when done properly, it can be a major boon to all of your social marketing efforts.