Top Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Digital marketing is only getting stronger, and there are some new and exciting trends on the horizon.

With time spent on mobile digital media in the US this year much higher (51%) compared to desktop (42%), mobile marketing is becoming even more popular than previous years, and content-aware SEO seems like the way to go for 2018.

Here’s what else is going to be big this year.

Augmented Reality

With AR (augmented reality) experiencing a rebirth, it seems as though this time around, it is here to stay.

Pokemon Go showed us the endless possibilities and lead to an explosion public fascination with AR, and on top of that, the gamification of smartphone cameras saw new filters and emojis popping up – think Instagram and Snapchat filters.

Marketers can now use AR to their benefit, converting it into effective means of reaching their target audience.

IKEA was onto the right idea when in 2017, it launched an AR based app allowing its users to see their products in their home, showing potential customers exactly how items would fit into their home. Retail stores can also leverage AR apps to show customers exactly how clothing would look on them without the need to try them on – just think about the e-commerce potential.

With a pinch of creativity, brands can use AR to their advantage in 2018.

The SEO-Content Evolution

When it comes to content and SEO, the two come hand in hand.

2018 will see changes to SEO strategy, whereby it focuses more on three aspects:

Content quality – simply put, the better quality your content, the more likely users are to engage and the higher your content will rank.

Voice searches – Google stats show that a fifth of all searches are now made from voice search: if brands don’t want to get left behind, they should focus efforts on using language-derived keywords for their audiences.

Link sharing – this old classic is still going strong in 2017, this coming year however, the focus should be on adding value and in creating high quality links. With audiences becoming more and more aware of clickbait articles, quality has never been more important.

…And Even More Content

2018 should see marketing strategists creating content until it is coming out of their ears. But not only should content frequency be turned up a notch, the quality needs to be high as well.

With more competition than ever, brands will need to keep posting high quality, meaningful and engaging content, to keep their visibility high and converting.


If you know how to play the game, connect with the right people, have a large follower base or a reputable email list, you should put an emphasis on Influencers in your marketing pipe-line.

Influencing individuals advertising a brand, or a product have grown massively during 2017, only to keep climbing the ladder in 2018. Influencer Marketing is arguably a multi- million dollar industry.

Brands will continue to approach influencer to showcase their products and adapt substantial connections with the stronger audience members for more product mentions, endorsements and placements in their websites and blogs.

Who do you think occupy front row seats on fashion shows?

That’s right! Influencers.

Even More Mobile Growth

With more than 50% of internet users expected to tap into their mobile devices to fulfill their online activities in 2018, successful marketers should pay close attention to the peak times when users search, convert and even just use their mobile devices.

Google has even gone as far as announcing that it will be indexing mobile content as a priority with their new mobile-prioritizing algorithm, meaning it will be using a site’s mobile-readiness index as a new way of ranking results.

It’s no surprise with mobile phones becoming the most popular device of choice, taking over laptops and desktops by a massive 25% year upon year, mobile ads should be a top priority for any successful marketer on the ball.

Native Ads Gone Wild

Native ads are considered highly effective as a marketing method as they “hide” your product placement, delicately noticed by consumers and visitors.

They appear as though an integrated part of an editorial, advertorial, infomercial, or an influencer endorsement.

Business Insider projects that native ads will be in responsible for almost 75% of all ad revenue in 2020, which makes it an extremely valuable for brands and marketers. Of course, considering their placements and integration within the content is important, if we want them to succeed in replacing them interruptive ads.

Videos Control Online Traffic

Videos are displayed everywhere you go. Social media, tutorials, introduction videos, live videos, product demos – The chances you’ll be wrapped up in watching a video on a website are pretty big, and so hopping on that visual wave is crucial for marketers.

It’s no surprise that videos make up 90% of user shared content in 2017 and that is why marketers worldwide are pinpointing videos into their strategy boards and increasing their Video Marketing budget accordingly. They have come to realize that video productions are what engages and attracts traffic and they are right.

2020 predicts videos to make up 82% of all global internet traffic – through Facebook and Instagram Live, YouTube, Livestream, Snapchat, Periscope Producer and more.

Marketing Automation

2018 forecasts a busy year for brands and marketers in terms of increasing online presence and following through on the upcoming trends.

The term Marketing Automation became a buzz-word in the industry and many marketers are starting to utilize automation tools to manage their sales and campaigns.

Thanks to the complimentary nature of marketing automation tools and analytics, brands and marketers can build comprehensive strategies and micro-scale their marketing efforts with a heavy focus on quality and accuracy.

To sum it up, here’s how to properly cover the 20% you need to work on to get 80% of the results – more affiliate revenue.

How To Crush Affiliate Marketing In 2018 –

And there you have it – 2018’s marketing trends to look forward to. It looks like it’ll be an interesting, revolutionary year!