Three Tips to Pre-Sell a Product You Are Promoting

One of the biggest mistakes an affiliate marketer can make is to assume that their sole job is traffic creation. Too many marketers create a great website, drive traffic to that site and drive it to the vendor site to make a sale, but when the conversions are not there, they either scratch their heads in frustration or they move on to another product, sure that the first one converted poorly.

The result is a hop scotch approach to affiliate marketing that will ultimately keep you from ever seeing the kinds of results you want. To ensure you not only drive traffic through to a vendor site, but that it immediately converts when it gets there, you need to pre-sell, and to help you do that, we’ve compiled three simple tips you can implement today.

1. Be Transparent and Personal

You are the number one selling point on your websites. The content you write, the tips you provide, and the personality you display will ultimately determine if people trust you and follow through on the call to action you present to them.

To improve the likelihood that they first of all trust you and second buy that product, tell them exactly what you are doing and show them why it is important. Don’t sugarcoat or hide that you are an affiliate. Be up front about it, but make it clear that you are promoting this product out of conviction, not a desire to make money. Tell a story that backs it up and show that you have used the product to really build credibility.

2. Show Real World Results and Speak in Benefits

Always show the results of what you claim. If you say you used a product, show how you did it and what results you got in doing so. A quick screenshot or 1 minute video showing how you used a product will speak volumes.

At the same time, talk about how that product helped you and your business, not necessarily about all the features you found in it. Benefits always outsell features.

3. Build Credibility and Spend It to Drive Clicks

Build credibility through relationships so you can use it to drive clicks to your websites. Strong credibility, built up over time and targeted directly to what you want to get out of your marketing efforts will help you reach more people than a simple review that has no personality or backing behind it.

It’s the word of mouth of phenomenon in action. If people feel a connection to you, your recommendation carries more weight. Use that carefully so you don’t overspend your credibility too early.

If you do these three things, the clicks you send to the websites of the products you promote will be much more likely to convert, boosting your revenues and setting you up for future success.