Three Tips for Finding the Right Traffic Source for Your Media Buy

Three Tips for Finding the Right Traffic Source for Your Media Buy

One of the biggest obstacles to an effective media buy is finding the right traffic source. Every offer responds differently to a different type of traffic, so not only can you improve results with a different source, you can streamline and enhance your campaign as a whole as you roll out a new product, service, or website you are promoting.

To help you choose the right traffic source for your next big campaign, here are three quick and easy tips for evaluating your options and sifting through the stuff that doesn’t match.

1. Split Test at Lower Buy-Ins

It’s tempting, once you set a budget for your media buys to go out and spend it all in one go. But this type of impulse ad buying doesn’t help your business much. In general, you’ll see better results if you develop a strong marketing campaign around specific sites you know work.

So buy in at much lower rates and measure results relative to the placement of that ad. So yes you might be on the bottom right of the site, but focus on the conversion rate of the people who click the ad, not total clicks. If the ad performs in the sense that clicks convert, then it’s worth upgrading your media buy to a better slot on that site. If it doesn’t, either split test your advert or move to another site.

2. Use a Keyword Matching Media Buy Option

In the past, your best option for media buys was to go to the site owner directly or to a broker like However, some of the larger PPC advertising platforms now offer media buys with filters and matching so specific you can practically tell them where you want to appear. Google AdWords is one of those services.

While it’s not ideal and the cost is often higher than you might like, the ability to match demographics, location, keywords and domains is a big one, and with the right split testing, you an use AdWords to get the best possible ROI on your clicks.

3. Research Competitor Media Buys

Finally take some time to evaluate what your competitors are doing. While there are certainly businesses that waste huge volumes of money on ads every month that don’t perform, most will invest where the ads work. So look at where your competitors are placing ads, even if it doesn’t make sense, and track them.

If a competitor runs an ad on a local newspaper site for 9 months, it probably works – consider following their lead.

A lot of media buying is trial and error, but if you follow the tips above you can remove a few of the guessing steps and get to the best ROI for your ad money much faster.