Three Strategies for Monetizing a Growing Email List

As an Internet marketer, the most valuable thing you have is your email list. Whether it’s 12 highly targeted buying leads or 1200 people who happen to like free reports about acne removal, every single person on your list is a potential buyer.

But, while most marketers invest a great deal of time into developing them, not all marketers use those lists to their full potential. After all, if you go through all that trouble to gather those email addresses and names, why not turn them into profit in as many ways as possible? To ensure you do just that, here are three strategies used by successful marketers to get the most from an email list without jeopardizing its value.

  1. Segment and Upsell

A list with 2,500 people on it is fantastic. It represents weeks or even months of hard work and shows that there is a very real demand for what you’re promoting. However, it’s not always a specific demographic base. Other than the fact that each subscriber is interested in whatever freebie you gave away to get their email address, you don’t know who among them is an active buyer, who needs training materials, and who just wanted the free stuff.

That’s why it’s so important to segment your list. Segmenting is done by creating secondary opt-in portals beyond your primary list. Let’s say you give away a 20 page report about natural cures for acne to get people on your list and the campaign is incredibly successful, drawing 2,500 subscribers.

To those subscribers, you can send links to free video content or secondary reports that are more specific to parts of the niche – things like organic skin care or healthy dieting. Then, when they opt-in to the second list, you have a new list with more specific buyers on it. This allows you to create content far better targeted to their needs.

  1. Sell Your Own Products

Why use up all the good will you generate with your free content by selling only other people’s products? Once your email list is large enough, it can pay for the cost of digital product development. If you have 5,000 people on a list for weight loss strategies and you launch an eBook about losing weight on an organic diet, you instantly have 5,000 potential customers. Even with a low conversion rate of just 2%, you stand to make 100 sales immediately with no effort on your part.

  1. Trade Lists with Other Marketers

You will make a lot of friends in the Internet marketing industry if you have a large list in a popular niche. Marketers will offer you nearly anything in exchange for that exposure. Beyond marketing their products or offers for which you receive a healthy commission, you can trade lists to benefit both parties. You do this by including a link to the free offer of another marketer. They do the same for you and in many cases, between 10-20% of the list volume will sign up for the new offer you recommended. You can instantly increase your list size by up to 20% simply by recommending someone else’s freebies.

List marketing is a powerful tool that all web business owners should use. But, don’t get caught up in “making the sale” so much that you miss these great opportunities to monetize your hard work. Build and customize your list and then use it to generate traffic to your intellectual properties as well as money making content. Be creative without putting your assets at risk and you’ll be incredibly successful in this regard.