Three Simple Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook

Social media marketing is one of the hardest tools to use in boosting the profile of your website. There is no checklist you can refer to because every brand is different. Your audience needs something completely different from someone else’s and your personality will interact with those people differently even from your competitors. So, the real key to developing a good Facebook strategy is to research and determine what people really want and then create a system that addresses those needs.

To help you do that, here are three highly effective strategies to boost engagement and drive people to not only share your content, but talk about it with you and each other.

1. Personalize Yourself and Your Staff

Get rid of the faceless logo on your page and start interacting with people as yourself. People want to interact with people. Brands don’t do well on Facebook unless there is a personality behind them driving interaction. Even major brands like Coca Cola or Best Buy need someone on there who others can interact with. A name and face to associate with the brand on your Facebook account is vital. Do you need to replace your logo completely? No. But you should use a consistent persona, tell stories about yourself and generate relationships with people as yourself, not as the brand. Keep in mind that more human interaction means higher EdgeRank, which means better engagement on future posts.

2. Reveal New Stuff

If you want people to follow you, give them a real reason to. You can’t use Facebook as an RSS reader for your site. Make it a press room – a place where new information is shared first and where people can interact with you and your business as insiders.

If someone Like’s your site, they see new content first, can enter contests first, get first dibs on discounts, etc. The idea is that there is a sense of exclusiveness and community that they wouldn’t get from somewhere else.

3. Join Relevant Groups and Follow Thought Leaders

This one isn’t easy, but if you can create relationships with people in your niche that others respect, it will trickle down. For example, if you’re in the dog training niche and you can get Cesar Milan to respond to one of your posts (by ceaselessly responding to his and providing useful information to his followers and readers), you’ll get instant recognition and people will follow your content.

At the same time, join relevant groups in your niche and start driving conversations through your brand. People will see those conversations and want to know more about you and what you have to offer – hence greater engagement on your own Page.

Facebook is a powerful tool, but it needs to be used as a tool, not a new website or a branding mechanism. It is a social element that allows you to reach out and create new relationships with people that can thrive under the right circumstances. Don’t sell – engage – and you’ll benefit from what Facebook has to offer.