The Secret to a Compelling Review

Affiliate marketing takes many forms, but one of the core roles of a good marketer is writing a killer review. To be successful in this business, you must write reviews that stand out as being unique, information filled, and compelling.

You need to offer a perspective that gives prospective buyers the data needed to make their purchasing decision. At the same time, the review cannot appear canned or bought off. It needs to be authentic – written by an actual user who has real insights to offer into the product’s usefulness.

What a Good Review Should Have

A good review must be written with authority. You wouldn’t post a review for a new sewing machine on your blog about playing guitar. It’s out of place and there is no compelling reason for it to exist. Here are some tips to help you build and use that authority in your review:

  • Be Truthful – The highest converting reviews are those that don’t gush over the amazing qualities of the product on sale, but outline the product’s pros and cons clearly. If you truly like a product, you can always put its negative qualities in a good light, but glossing over every downside will only put a dent in your authority and make it harder to convince buyers to follow your suggestions in the future.
  • Depth – The Internet is littered with 200 word reviews on empty websites. Write a thorough, in-depth review and you provide your readers with value and a good sense of what they’re about to purchase. I recommend a minimum of 1,000 words per review on your site.
  • Offer Alternatives – Placing a product next to another can make it look better by comparison. Showcase three or four products on your site and use a star-rating system to show readers which you feel is the best for their money. By doing this you remove the question of “yes or no” and replace it with “which one?”

Avoiding a Bad Review

Bad reviews are short, often gushing and clearly designed to convince readers to click through and buy a product. Forget for a moment that you stand to gain monetarily from user purchases and consider how much better your review and the site on which it is published look when it is authentic, content-rich and interesting for your readers.

Some affiliate marketers make their entire income through well written, well marketed reviews. If you learn to write ones that convert well, you’ll have a money making strategy that works in any niche.