The Secret Ingredient to Affiliate Marketing

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Life as an Affiliate Marketer can have its challenges due to the number of hats you will find yourself wearing.

From design and development to marketing your campaign, your success largely depends on you and your efforts alone.

The road traversed can be very isolated and unknown as you venture into unknown obstacles of the industry. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to tap into likeminded individuals with similar goals and aspirations to yours?

That’s where affiliate summits and conferences come in.

What are affiliate conferences?

Affiliate Marketing summits and conferences consist of people doing exactly what you do.

No matter if you are just getting started or are a well-seasoned professional, these are places you should definitely occupy.


These conferences, done right, include more than just potential connections. From interconnecting with conference vendors, to who you meet walking the isle or that lunch conversation that changed everything, your potential for profits is huge.

Affiliates sometimes report being disappointed after attending conferences.

While it would be quite easy to point fingers of accusation at such events, an introspective look at the situation often reveals another story.

When Affiliate Marketers don’t realize the full impact of their desires from such events, it can often be attributed to the attitude in which they arrived.

Was their focus on themselves and what they could gain or “otherly” centered with an eye for how they could help?

Were they interested only in what they could gain from attending the conference or did they take note as to what they would be able to give?

It makes sense, you spend countless dollars registering for and traveling to these conferences; why shouldn’t you be focused only on what you can get from doing so?

As much as that may seem logical, it is within the giving you receive the greatest benefits in life and that absolutely includes when attending Affiliate Marketing Conferences.

How to Gain by Giving at Affiliate Marketing Conferences

Here are five key ways to ensure that these conferences work for you and your own personal investments.


Most people arrive with personal agendas that they are wanting to fulfill.


The more you focus on you and your requirements the less likely you will be to uncover what you are looking for.

Instead, as I said earlier, focus on the other person.


Let’s say you happen to know of an awesome accounting software that has been released recently. While attending the conference, you meet someone that is building an affiliate platform based on bookkeeping.

Since you are focused on your technology niche, it is of no import to you, so you should move on. Right?


Empower the ability for these two to meet. If it ends up working out between them, guess who will be foremost on their mind? What are the chances that either party knows someone within the technology field that they could connect you with?

That’s why the law of reciprocity is so important.


It’s called power networking and it works like solid gold.

The more you are out there helping people meet other people that’ll make the difference for them, the more you are likely to receive the same treatment.

Who knows who you might meet in the process.


With all the meetings you set for yourself, connecting and staying energetic is one thing that often falls through the cracks. Follow through.

It can be tough to remember everything that you told everyone that you would do during the conference.

Once you are back at your office with the event past, be sure to fulfill the commitments you made.

• Were you going to email someone something? Do it.
• Were you going to make a call on behalf of another? Do it.
• Were you going to send someone important literature? Do it.


The more you are a useful resource that keeps their word, the more perceived value you will secure. People enjoy doing business with people they know, like and trust.

Finding your usefulness in engaging, connecting and following up can make the difference between solid business coming and nothing.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding your success as an Affiliate Marketer at these conferences can be far easier than what some people experience. It’s a matter of what you do with what or who you know.

Become an asset and people will turn to you for guidance.

Now that you have that special Affiliate Marketing ingredient, use it to leverage your business.

These two conferences are coming up soon.

1. Affiliate World Europe – Berlin (June 14th)

2. Affiliate Summit East – NYC (July 30th)

These are great opportunities to show what you’ve got!

Will you be meeting us there? We’d love to meet you. Click here to schedule a meeting.