The Rise of Mobile Affiliate Marketing

These days people use their mobile devices a lot more often than they used to. As a result, Internet marketing and affiliate marketing in particular have become more popular on mobile platforms.

Of course many of the traditional methods used to promote affiliate products don’t always work on a mobile platform. While the browsers and apps available for smart phones and tablets are very advanced, the space available on the screen is smaller and therefore some of the strategies used have to be changed.

In this post we want to talk about a few of the methods being used to take advantage of the mobile platform.

1. App Development

One of the fastest-growing sectors in mobile marketing is apps. App development allows anyone to create a small software tool for a mobile device such as a phone or tablet that can include affiliate links for a number of products. While it is possible to do this on Apple’s platform, it is generally easier on Android because of the open marketplace model they use. If you want to promote affiliate products through apps, one of the best options is to include links directly to websites from within the app.

2. Mobile Buzz Sites

Mobile sites are websites that can be scaled automatically according to the screen size of the device being used. Platforms such as WordPress and Joomla! are increasingly supporting themes that automatically adjust, and you should create content that is easy to read and access through this format. Additionally it’s recommended that you look for products that have mobile friendly sales pages or videos that can be played on Apple devices.

3. Video and Reviews

Video is one of the most popular forms of content on mobile devices because it’s easy to view and is readily accessible from anywhere. If you choose to create video reviews or video overviews of products as an affiliate, make sure to uploaded to YouTube where you can include affiliate links or embed videos on your website from YouTube so they play properly on Apple devices.

4. Promoting Mobile Products

Not only can you promote products on mobile devices, but you can promote mobile devices, apps and entertainment media as products. For example, some developers offer affiliate commissions for sale you generate of their apps, the Apple iTunes Store does have an affiliate program, where you can actually sell just the mobile product product themselves.

Affiliate marketing will increasingly move towards the mobile space as people start to use their mobile devices more often than their desktop and laptop computers. As a result, it is highly recommended that you start to integrate the strategies mentioned above into your affiliate marketing plan.