The Next Round of Mobile Technology for Your Business

When it comes to new technologies in the affiliate marketing industry, the frontier is definitely in mobile, especially with the ability of so many start-ups and forward thinking companies to create new and interesting content through apps for iOS and Android. Here are some of the newest technologies on the market today and what they mean for your business.

Location Targetin

While not new, location based targeting is a hot trend in affiliate and Internet marketing. It allows you to create customized campaigns that speak directly to the location of the people visiting your site. While apps for the phone or tablet are better suited to this, it is increasingly easy to integrate location detection into a website that is running on a mobile device


If you don’t already have Facebook, Twitter or Google+ integrated into your website, you’re missing a big opportunity to drive targeted traffic to your content based on word of mouth. On a mobile platform, social tools are even more powerful than ever. Facebook apps allow you to integrate aspects of the site into your mobile application or site so users can instantly share what they are doing while on the go. With 65% of smartphone users logging updates to at least one social network each week, this is a powerful tool.


Almost all new phones released to the market starting in 2011 and 2012 have some form of high speed access such as 4G LTE. This increased access speed basically makes it so that your visitors are on a WiFi grade connection when accessing your site. Where before you needed to reduce multimedia to make your site mobile-friendly, you can now integrate more video and images that will load quickly in a 4G friendly device. Combined with social and location targeting, you can create customized video messages for your prospects.

Low Cost App Development

Today’s freelance app developers can create and distribute an app in less than a month. It is fast, easy and incredibly profitable to create your own app, presuming you have at least $300 to invest in the process. The return on investment for a well marketed app, however, can be huge.

Mobile marketing is a new frontier so it’s impossible to know which platform and which technologies will be most successful, but one thing is clear – it will be a major component in all forms of Internet marketing in the years to come.