The Next Great Wave in Mobile

Mobile technology is constantly changing. As recently as 2006, if someone were to talk about building software and websites specifically for mobile phones, everyone else would have laughed them out of the building. Phones were not entertainment devices – they were communication tools with a few bells and whistles. These days, many people forget about the phone altogether as they play games, send messages, check email and read the news. So, what’s the next great wave? We don’t know quite yet, but we can start to guess.

More Real World Applications

Google and others are pushing technologies like Near Field Communication which turns your phone into a keycard of sorts, allowing you to make payments, unlock things and communicate with other machines. How will this affect your business? It may not be evident right away, however, as near field communication becomes a part of the mobile landscape, so too will new technologies for advertising and interacting with your audience. Interactive posters and billboards, in-store marketing campaigns, and payment options all via mobile phone.

Tablets Continue to Evolve

In 2012, Windows 8 will be released, the first Windows platform developed strictly for tablet computers. To date, tablets have been a separate ecosystem, but as users are finally allowed to access their desktop via their mobile device, expect the amount of time spent on mobile devices to increase even further. More powerful processors, more memory and more versatile interfaces means easier access to your prospects on the go.

New Phone Features

Who knows what features phone developers have up their sleeve next. Android continues to develop at a rapid speed, launching features like Chrome for Android (the best mobile browser currently available) and Google Wallet. Apple will surely follow suit and it’s all good news for marketers like you who can use this technology to reach out to prospects and make more sales in a rapidly evolving online economy.

From app development at lower costs to quicker loading mobile versions of powerful websites, our business is quickly becoming everyone’s business and it’s about time because the percentage of people who spend the majority of their time online via a mobile browser is only growing.

Mobile makes immense leaps forward every year. For anyone who wants to stay in front of prospects and continue to make sales regardless of the technology being used, pay close attention to the mobile landscape and you’ll do just fine.