The New Facebook Timeline for Your Business

Whenever a new Facebook feature is released, there is a rush by business owners to make it their own. This time around, one of the largest changes to Facebook in recent years has finally be released to the public and more than anything, it’s causing confusion among long time social marketers.

The timeline feature in Facebook is a unique new way to present personal information, breaking down your status updates by year and date and providing a concise history of your life according to Facebook. For businesses, that means having easy access to data of prospects when doing research, and more importantly, people who are friends with you or who “like” your business can see everything you’ve done or said since you created your Facebook account with the click of a mouse.

Optimizing Your Timeline

The first step is to take a close look at what you’ve included in your Timeline. While you might have forgotten 90% of the things you posted three or four years ago, Facebook did not and now anyone who has access to your profile can see it as well. Off handed comments, rude statements or anything else you said pre-marketing campaign needs to be edited, removed or replaced with something that adds value to your profile.

A great way to learn more about what Timeline has to offer and how top brands are using it is to review top personality pages like Pete Cashmore who has been touting the new feature since the early days of its beta. His timeline is clean, crisp and loaded with useful information for his readers.

And if you have been on Facebook since 2004 when you were in college, by all means start trimming. With timeline it is easier than ever to remove the things you wish you’d never said, so go back and make sure the data you’re not comfortable with sharing is no longer on display.

How Timeline will Affect Businesses

Timeline is very new and like most Facebook updates, the feedback is either negative or indifferent at the moment. With time, however, people will start to make the conversion and you must present yourself in a way that they will expect and be able to understand. It’s better to start now and take control of your brand than to wait until the masses can see every silly thing you’ve ever said.