The Growing Trust in Digital Products

A few years ago, if you told someone that you had an eBook for sale they’d probably laugh at you. They’d assume it was a cheap attempt at self-publication, poorly written and filled with regurgitated information. Things are changing rapidly.

As affiliate marketers and Internet marketers who have been promoting the digital revolution for years, this is a good time for us. We are seeing a huge surge in trust from consumers that are finally growing comfortable with the idea of paying for something they can’t necessarily hold in their hands.

Thank You Amazon

The digital revolution started a long time ago. When it comes to the mainstream, we can probably thank Apple for starting the iTunes store, but the Kindle has had an even bigger and more profound impact.

Portable music made sense. A single device that could play thousands of songs for hours and fit in your pocket – that’s a hundred times better than carrying around a pocket full of batteries and a discman that skipped every time you went over a bump.

For eBooks, however, it was a harder sell. People LOVE books. Not only that but there is an inherent value assigned to a physical thing. CD’s were already technically digital. You couldn’t see the music. You can see the text of a book. The Kindle platform has revolutionized how people read to the point that eBooks now regularly outsell print editions of bestselling books.

What does this mean for affiliate marketers? Everything.

Digital is the Future of Consumer Media

People are growing used to reading books on digital devices. Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and their phones – it’s normal now. And that means, when you promote an eBook about weight loss or dog training, it makes sense.

Forget the part about those devices making it easier to access that information on the go (they do). Let’s focus on what makes eBooks such a compelling format as a whole. They are small, they are portable, they are flexible and can be shared. People see this now and are willing to accept that there are no limits to the value of data that can be included in a digital book.

Riding the Wave of Renewed Trust in Digital Content

As technology makes digital content easier and faster to create, bandwidth makes video streaming simpler and faster, and eBook readers convince consumers to trust PDF’s and online eBooks, the market for information products will boom. People need the information in these products. They always have.

The difference was always the willingness of those people to trust the information being presented and pay someone for access to it. Today, more people than ever before are doing this. It’s why the affiliate marketing industry will boom to nearly $4.5 billion by 2016 and why so many people are actively producing digital products or self-publishing on Amazon, even top rated authors.

If you are an affiliate marketer, embrace this new paradigm because it means good things not only for you, but for the industry as a whole.