How to Create a Custom Facebook Landing Page to Boost Conversions and Likes

How to Create a Custom Facebook Landing Page to Boost Conversions and Likes

Any business with customers and a product or service that can add value to their lives should have a Facebook Page. A good Facebook Page is immediately available to more than 600 million people and provides access to the most important details of your brand. But let’s face it, the default landing page provided by Facebook is a little bland. Where is the pizazz? The creativity? The originality?

On its own, a Facebook Page is boring. That’s why we need to do some upgrades. Check out some of these highly customized Pages:

These companies took advantage of the developer tools built into Facebook’s backend to create custom pages for their brand. You can do the same, but there are some things to consider.

  1. Setup Custom Code

There are two ways to add custom code to your Facebook Page. You can either activate an app like Static FBML or you can go through Facebook’s Developer API. The Next Web provides a very detailed walkthrough for creating your own custom landing page through the Facebook Developer setup (by creating a new app). You don’t need to know any advanced code, but a little helps in understanding FBML layouts.

  1. Provide Added Value

What really matters for your Facebook Page, however, is not the code so much as the function of that code. Does it provide something with added value and depth above and beyond that which your current Wall and Info tabs provide?

When you look at the Coca Cola Page, you can clearly see how the added content provides added value to users. It has links to other social media pages like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. It shows pictures of fans enjoying Coca Cola and it has a clear call to action to Like the page (something I highly recommend).

How can you do the same? First, it should be branded. This is a matter of graphic design. Facebook’s innate design is very….boring, but we can spice it up a bit in our custom landing page.

  1. It Doesn’t Need to be a Work of Art

The goal of a custom Page isn’t to spend thousands of dollars to hire a designer or toil away in your basement for hours. Because most people never visit a Facebook Page again after hitting the “Like” button simply having a custom landing tab is enough to be effective – in some cases resulting in a 50-100% increase in conversions.

A tool like Page Lever, for example, provides everything you need to build a successful landing page. It’s free and it allows you to insert more content, customized to the needs of your fans. You can add extra content, a custom video to present your brand and even some images. In effect, a custom landing page allows you to create a small website within your Facebook Page. The result is a powerful, well-made Page that provides much more value than the bland, boring, landing tab that you’d get through the standard interface.

Facebook is a tremendous resource for businesses eager to connect with customers or potential clients. Whether you own a multi-national corporation or are an affiliate marketer writing articles on your couch, a customized Facebook Page provides the kind of exposure and personalized branding that, until recently, only big companies with big budgets could afford. Take advantage of these tools and you’ll be surprised to see just how much better your social media campaigns perform.