The Continuing Evolution of Google and Its Effect on Your SEO Efforts

Last February, Internet marketers around the globe were stunned by the nearly universal impact of the Panda algorithm update from Google. It was one of the largest single changes we’ve yet seen affect Internet marketers, affecting thousands of affiliate and vendor sites alike.

But, while the Panda update got a lot of press, it’s only one of hundreds of algorithm changes made by Google every year. The top secret method of ranking the billions of websites in their database is changed constantly to refine, revise and secure more accurate searches.

So, it’s important that you’re ready for anything Google might throw our way – from major algorithm overhauls to simple SERP tweaks.

Avoiding Set Backs

Not everyone was hurt by the Panda update. Some people saw almost no changes at all while others actually saw increases in their SERPs. Why though? What made some affiliate sites more impervious to change than others?

It’s a simple matter of preparation.

Marketers have one thing in common – they want to be successful and make money. Unfortunately, some of them decide to take shortcuts. Perfectly legitimate shortcuts (at the time), but shortcuts nonetheless.

But, when you take a shortcut – such as building SERPs through forum profile backlinks and blog comments only, or as many people did before Panda, submitting mass rewrites of the same content to article directories – you make yourself a target.

Google doesn’t want people to manipulate SERPs with backlinking strategies. They can’t stop people from trying to do it, but they can certainly penalize anyone who takes too many shortcuts. Those marketers who focused on creating quality content and building natural backlinks in a variety of channels were subsequently much more successful than those with manually generated links.

The Future of Google’s Algorithm Changes

Unfortunately, we never really know what Google will do next in updating their algorithms. But, we can speculate. As always, Google will continue to push their search results more towards content that focuses on providing value to the consumer. Low quality content, duplicate content, and small one page sites with thousands of backlinks will continue to lose value in the SERPs.

With the development of Google+, Google is pushing their results in a social direction as well. To take advantage of this, connect with your visitors on social networks and encourage interaction with the +1 button and through return visits to your site.

Google will never stop changing, so instead of worrying about what their next tweak will be, focus on building quality content that your readers will enjoy, share and return to in the future.