Marketers! These are the Best Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Skills.

The power of Google has dominated the online sphere with its sleek, user-friendly, and sophisticated technological innovations.

It is so much more than a mere search engine.

With over 3.5 billion searches across the world every single day, Google is the single most valuable tool that you can use to reach your potential customers as a marketer.

Chrome extensions bring you myriad tools that fulfill a large portion of your digital marketing needs.

This is why is it a must that you leverage the power of these extensions for better quality digital marketing efforts.

The following extensions are some of the best used by other digital marketers.

Email Marketing

The digital marketing community constantly debates the effectiveness of email marketing. However, the truth is that properly run email marketing campaigns have consistently delivered great ROIs.

These extensions will help you schedule, send, and keep track of your email marketing campaigns.

Boomerang for Gmail

This highly rated Boomerang extension can be used for all your email scheduling needs.

You can set it up to send emails later at a designated time and track the responses you get.

The tool has a feature that suggests the optimal times to send emails depending on the responses.

Boomerang also has a special AI feature that helps you write better emails by analyzing the best performing emails.

Find that Email

For marketers and sales representatives who send cold emails, this handy little tool is one of the best ways to save time.

You can simply provide a web domain along with a few details that you know, and it will find the needed email addresses for you saving many hours of manual work.

It also has a copy to clipboard features that automatically fills up the bcc field of your email sender, saving further time and effort.

Content Writing and SEO

For a great ranking on Google, you need great content.

Most marketers tend to fear the term SEO – Search Engine Optimization. However, ultimately it all comes down to providing great content for your audience and making sure you optimize the content in a way that is easier to be found by the right people.

These extensions will help you write a flawless copy and properly optimize them.


This amazing product by Moz is perhaps the most used and the most credible tool to get advanced metrics related to SEO on websites.

It allows you to simply perform all if not most SEO needs in one place.

By adding this extension to your Chrome browser, you can get real-time instant metrics of any given website as you visit them.

You can also create any custom searches you need depending on your target audience.

Mozbar comes with a free version and a premium version with additional advanced features.


Language is dynamic and keeps evolving rapidly – and yet the power of good grammar and sentence structure in text content remains to be quite high.

Google algorithms seek quality content for higher ranks and having properly structured content with good grammar tends always to get priority among others.

Grammarly checks your spelling contextually and intelligently, corrects your syntax and grammar mistakes, and suggests improvements to the structure of your content altogether.

Design and Analytics

Humans are visual beings.

The design aspect of your website and the graphics you use in your marketing campaigns have the ability to impact the mind of your potential customers strongly.

A well thought out design gives a great first impression, adds more credibility to the brand, and also makes the overall user experience more pleasant and easy.

Properly studying your user analytics helps you give better customer service and also to predict the effectiveness and the future of your marketing strategies.

Here are some of the best design extensions that you can add to your Google Chrome browser.


As a keen-eyed marketer, it is natural to take note of attractive designs and fonts on the websites you visit.

WhatFont extension helps you quickly and easily identify the fonts on any web page you visit by simply hovering over them.

Moreover, the tool further helps you by detecting any services used to creating or serving the fonts that you are interested in.


With ColorZilla you can inspect any color codes and palettes you want from anywhere on your browser.

The most popular extension is feature-filled used for the best graphic designs and developments including an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator, and other goodies.

Whether you decide to download every extension on this article, or just one, you’re one step ahead at giving your marketing skills a good boost.

However small some extensions may be, they are extremely helpful and the job is done.