Streamlining and Outsourcing Actions for Your Affiliate Sites

Affiliate marketing comes in many shapes and sizes but almost universally, the core component of each campaign is site development. You must build new websites that provide value to visitors that you can then leverage into traffic for the products or services you are promoting. To scale this process to such a degree that you can make a large, ongoing income, you need to streamline certain actions and outsource others – here are some tips for doing both.

Identifying Tasks that Can be Automated

Before outsourcing anything, you must first analyze your site development process and identify tasks that you can automate. Usually this means performing those same tasks yourself many times and recording the exact steps you take in doing them. Some examples include:

*  Keyword Research

*  WordPress and Plugin Installation

*  Content Writing

*  Content Uploading

*  SEO

If you find an affiliate site model that is profitable, you should be able to replicate it again and again to grow your business. And because you know how to replicate it, you can outsource those tasks to someone else to perform.

Out sourcing Your Automated Tasks

When outsourcing, it is important to have a very clear outline of what the contractor will be doing. The process above helps with that, but you should be even more detailed when possible. Here are some tips:

  1. Create a Detailed Project Description – Make sure you tell your prospective contractor exactly what you need him or her to do and how much time you will give them to do those tasks.
  2. Record or Write Directions – If you have a webcam and a YouTube account, you can record your directions fairly easily and ensure your contractor knows exactly what you want him or her to do.
  3. Check Progress Repeatedly to Correct Mistakes and Update Documentation – Don’t just set and forget the project. Check back periodically to make sure errors are not made and that your contractor doesn’t have any questions.
  4. Record What Works and What Doesn’t – If something works, write it down. If it doesn’t, adjust your plans accordingly.

The key to successfully automating and outsourcing site creation tasks is to understand exactly what will be done at every step. Outsourcing should be an extension of your knowledge, not a replacement for it. You want someone who will follow your exact directions, not take initiative and do ‘whatever works’. Make this distinction and take control of you contractors and you will reap the rewards of those sites.