Software Brands – How to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing

The goal of affiliate marketing is to grow sales incrementally. However, this is difficult to do unless you have the right strategy laid out for you.

In the eCommerce software space, successful affiliate programs are likely to generate anything between 15% and 20% of all sales. A software brand can generate 70% to 90% of annual sales from affiliate marketing if the right strategy’s implemented. This means ensuring that the business model you have as a company will work out well for your overall bottom-line.

Of course, you spent a lot of time, effort, and money getting the perfect eCommerce software. You also used the best descriptions and images, as well as optimizing the eCommerce software for search engines. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had people communicating your value proposition to your target market and prospects? This is where eCommerce software affiliate marketing comes in.

Introduction to eCommerce Software Affiliate Marketing

Imagine running an army of seasoned salespeople going out of their way to share your eCommerce software with their networks. Imagine further only having to pay these salespeople small kickbacks for all the sales they direct to your website, brand and/or app.

Well, this is the basic idea behind eCommerce software affiliate marketing. Essentially, this is one of the best ways to boost your bottom-line, online traffic, and internet presence.

Although affiliate marketing isn’t a bed of roses, you can make it so by enrolling to an affiliate network and using the platform to increase sales for your eCommerce sites, brands and apps. The platform is easy to use and understand, will automatically create your affiliate marketing program, and will go a long way in boosting your sales.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Building your eCommerce software tool was hard work. You spent countless hours perfecting the content, user experience, and design. Now you might assume that you are at the end of the journey because your app is live.

However, once you go live, you will realize that this is only the beginning. To ensure that your eCommerce software solution is well accepted and widely downloaded by people around the globe, you need to promote it without spending too much money. This is why you need affiliate marketing to get your solution out there into the marketplace and in front of the most probable potential buyers.

Through eCommerce software affiliate marketing, you will be able to leverage potential influences and current users in-order to spread the word about your solution within their networks. You can, thereafter, reward them for every new user and/or download they bring into your website, brand and/or app.

Today, most people are more likely to download your application if it was recommended by someone they trust. This is why affiliate marketing is a great strategy to ensure the growth of your eCommerce software solution.

Challenges Encountered

Although affiliate marketing is popular on the internet, very few eCommerce software solution providers use it. This is because of the following challenges:

a) Tracking and Dealing with Cross-Device Visitors

Mobile attribution is a challenge for many eCommerce software developers. The apps stores are highly walled and don’t let any data pass through. Therefore, tracking app events, purchases and installs through the links they came from is sometimes challenging. Although Apple is trying to change this by allowing people to create links that track these installs. However, the links are very platform-specific. Most times, you won’t even know the platform your users are on when they click on the posted affiliate links.

b) Linking to Content within eCommerce Software

The content your software displays is one of the main drivers of new downloads. This is why it has historically been almost impossible to take someone who hasn’t already installed your application to specific content.

Solutions for eCommerce Software Developers

Because of these problems faced by developers, you need a solution that will help your affiliate marketing team deal with the issues. These problems can easily be solved through:

i) Providing Full Attribution and Working across Platforms

If you give users links to your eCommerce software solution, it will work on Android, iOS, and web. You will also be able to tell the number of users who came from which links, those who opened the app and performed certain actions (on it), and who installed it.

ii) Promoting Specific Discounts or Content

For instance, if you have a fashion eCommerce app, you might want to give links of shoes in the app to fashion bloggers while getting links to the pet costumes sold in the application to pet bloggers. When users download the eCommerce software from these links, they will be redirected to the specific content that the particular blogger wrote about.

Therefore, if you have an eCommerce software solution and you wish to push it forward on the internet so that you attract more interactions, downloads, and installations, you should consider using an affiliate network to run your affiliate marketing campaign.

affiliaXe, for example, works with various eCommerce software companies, helping them to increase sales for their websites, brands, and applications.

1. Norton

The program focuses on the cutting edge security and backup suites that help consumers protect their private information. Today, sales for the program have skyrocketed thanks to the ingenious efforts of the affiliaXe affiliates working for Norton.

2. AVG

AVG ranks among the most recognizable names in the protection of clients from online threats. It has 2+ million active users. The cutting edge technology allows people to surf, email, social network, shop, and bank on the internet knowing they are well protected.

3. MacKeeper

MacKeeper is the leading software utility for MacOS. It comes with everything a Mac user needs to keep their machine optimized, clean, and safe. The company partnered with affiliaXe and has since grown into one of the most trusted of brands in eCommerce software for the Mac industry.

4. PCKeeper

PCKeeper is a cutting-edge repair tool for personal computers. It works well with Edge, Windows 10 and Windows 7. Users facing problems rely on this eCommerce software website to download their tool.

The PCKeeper affiliate program on affiliaXe has proved beneficial to both affiliates and the company. Downloads continue to increase while the brand keeps on growing.

5. McAfee

One of the better known software tools in the internet and computer security, McAfee has also started an affiliate marketing program for their website, brand, and apps on affiliaXe. As a result, the company has received tons of hits and is now widely recognized and trusted in the online marketplace.


Over and above all, eCommerce software affiliate marketing will go a long way in increasing the amount of traffic you are receiving to your website, brand, and apps, as well as getting more people to know about what you have to offer and as a result actually begin the processes of buying from you and your company.