Social Goes Mobile for Millions

In the last five years, social media has gone from dorm room obsession to a multi-billion dollar industry and businesses are starting to take note. More importantly, the trend of uploading every picture, note and activity in one’s life to the Internet has collided headlong with the rise of mobile. Everyone has a smart phone and everyone has a social media account.

As a business owner in 2012, this means the days of dabbling in both should be long gone. Just as brick and mortar businesses were forced to adjust their marketing efforts for the web 15 years ago, you should now start adjusting your efforts for social and mobile.

Facebook is the New Everything

It’s hard to imagine any website with 800+ million users but Facebook has it and it continues to grow. Once considered an optional activity in the massive sandbox that is the Internet, users now spend hours logged in daily and deride family members and friends who don’t follow suit. In terms of marketing it offers the world’s largest single platform outside of Google AdWords and it continues to grow daily.

Mobile apps are increasingly sophisticated and with the right combination of alerts, notices and updates that pop up on people’s phones like text messages you can be in someone’s face all day, every day if you offer the right content.

The Next Wave of Social

Of course, Facebook isn’t the only player around. Other services like Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and the location based services like Foursquare are growing each day, largely in part due to the technology offered on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you’re not developing content for these platforms you’re missing out on millions of potential users where they spend most of their time – on the phone.

The Future of Mobile and Social

Social and mobile will soon be one and the same. When someone buys a smartphone, they will input their social credentials and be instantly connected with hundreds of their closest friends and millions of potential businesses – including yours. If you wait on the sidelines for that day, you’ll be yet another late entry into a revolutionary shift in web dynamics.

If you act now by creating a mobile version of your website, developing content that talks to your particular audience and using the social media services to build a reputation with your target audience, you’ll be well on your way to success before you know it.