Should You Have an App Created for Your Business?

Every now and then something new pops up and everyone flocks to it like seagulls to a dropped bag of potato chips. But, the question eventually arises as to whether this shiny new technology is worth the time and energy being invested. Apps for iOS and Android are a prime example. Books are being written, businesses being built and ideas being generated based on this platform, but is it right for your particular business?

The Benefits of the App Platform

First, the benefits. When you create an app, you generate a singular piece of software that can be placed in the pocket of your customers and prospects for easy, daily access. It’s unique, easy to use and in most cases fairly easy to program. The average iPhone or Android app costs less than $1,000 to develop and if it targets your niche properly can be immensely valuable in building value for your customers.

The Downsides

Of course, while some might say “it only costs $1,000” others will immediately write off app development because of its cost. The truth is that simply having an app does not guarantee increased business from that app. Apps need to be targeted to your audience, properly marketed and ideally provide a unique function that some other app does not. For example, if you promote and sell various types of sneakers, you could make an app about international shoe sizes and the differences in brands and styles of shoes. That would be useful. An app with links to your website and shoe sites would not be helpful.

The Bottom Line

App development is not a surefire way to increase your bottomline. Some companies have used it to great success, but others have failed miserably and wasted valuable marketing dollars instead. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you have a good idea for an app and whether people will download it. Are you willing to follow through on your investment, not only of money but of time to market that app and ensure it succeeds?

Make sure you have a strong plan in place before deciding to create an app and not try to create a plan around your app idea. It may be enticing and everyone may be doing it, but only those with the right mindset will generate profit by doing so. Otherwise, you’re simply throwing money at Apple and Google.