Scaling Your Mobile Efforts to New Technology

Just four years ago, the idea of investing a significant portion of your marketing budget into mobile technology would have seemed ridiculous. The most advanced phones on the market were BlackBerries which were still not very advanced. Mobile web browsing was a joke and apps had yet to become part of the phone-toting public’s lexicon.

Today, things are a little different. Technology is changing on a regular basis with new features being launched for mobile platforms like iOS and Android seemingly every few months. To stay on top of things, you need to make sure your marketing efforts are scalable to the new mobile technology that is out there.

Mobile Friendly Sites

Just because your current design works well on one platform doesn’t mean it is “mobile-friendly”. Increasingly, it is important to have a version of your website that is not only easier to read on a smart phone or tablet, but easier to navigate with larger buttons and clear calls to action. If you are using WordPress, choose a touch-friendly theme or download a plugin like WPtouch Pro. For an HTML website, you may need some custom code written to make it mobile friendly.

Streamline Processes

Don’t assume that you’ll never be able to take certain tasks on the road. When choosing software to use on your desktop, keep in mind that major brands may already offer or soon offer apps. For example, you can now use Photoshop on the iPhone in a limited capacity. Choose software that either already allows you to use it on mobile devices or that is likely to make the leap in the near future.

Be Open Minded

Don’t create a design system that has such a solid foundation it cannot be adapted to new technologies. Those who used WordPress, Joomla or other open source content management systems had the easiest time when iOS and Android based systems rose to prominence. Those with custom built HTML websites had a heck of a time (or just never bothered) customizing their sites for mobile access. Build with the future in mind. No, you cannot know in advance what the next big technology will be, but if you use the most flexible available platform today, it will be easier to adjust later.

Mobile Is Always Growing

Mobile technology, along with the way in which we use desktop and laptop computers in general is always changing. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and offer the best experience to your potential customers, be flexible and willing to try new things with the technology. You’ll be surprised at what you can pull off.