Publish Your Marketing Materials for a New Revenue Source

You invest a lot of time and money into your business. The website, the lead generation, and the marketing materials you develop – these are all valuable commodities that cost you time and money. So, why aren’t you using them to their fullest potential to monetize?

Monetization is not simply about selling a product produced by a vendor. It is about recognizing what assets you already have and using them to your advantage. Maybe your most valuable asset is not the traffic you generate to your website but the content you develop to generate that traffic. Specifically, the marketing materials you’ve written to promote your site.

You own them. You hold the copyrights and you can sell them in any way you see fit, and when done properly, you can make a pretty decent amount of money by doing this.

Where to Publish Your Marketing Materials

Today’s Internet is a digital publishing wonderland. In the past, you needed to develop your own distribution platform, building a website, obtaining affiliates, promoting your product and more. Today, however, you can use massive, existing platforms to sell digital content and make a decent amount of money without spending a dime.

Specifically, eBook readers like the Kindle, Nook and iPad have massive digital storefronts where thousands if not tens of thousands of publishers have already starting monetizing their ideas for profit.

How to Publish Your Existing Content for a Profit

The publication process in the Kindle, iTunes or Nook stores is incredibly easy. It requires a properly formatted document, an account with an active bank account or PayPal account and a simple description. However, with millions of titles in the database, you’ll need to do much more if you want people buying your eBooks.

First, you must provide clear descriptions that can be read easily on a portable device. You must also create content that is actually useful. There is a growing trend to sell 10 or 15 page eBooklets for Kindle that provide no real value. The volume will never support the effort used to produce them and the readers won’t return for more.

So, like any of your marketing efforts, value needs to be one of your first concerns. Even so, it takes very little effort to produce an eBook for these digital storefronts and since you’re using materials you’ve already written for your website, you don’t need to invest additional money into creating them. It’s simple, it’s profitable and it can be a lot of fun. What more can you ask for?