Monetizing Through Mobile

If there’s a hot topic the last two years it has to be mobile. The boom in the smart phone market and the rise of app sales and mobile responsive web design have made it not only easier, but imperative that product creators and publishers promote their content through mobile tools.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you know what I’m talking about. More vendors than ever before are offering mobile tools to sell their products, responsive sales page and product landing page design to ensure that, if one of the nearly 30% of people surfing on their phones lands on that page, they can make a purchase.

If you’re marketing via mobile, you want to know you can quickly and easily monetize whatever you’re promoting. Here are a few simple strategies for doing so in a modern web-economy.

Mobile Ads

Apple and Google may not be happy with mobile ad growth, but it’s still staggering. In 2011, mobile ad sales were slightly north of $3 billion. In 2012, that number was over $11.6 billion, according to Strategy Analytics. That’s an increase of more than double and the number is expected to continue to grow at a pace over 10% per year for the next five years.

Larger phones, faster Internet connections, mobile-friendly websites and in-app ad placement make it easier than ever before to buy an ad and target products in an affiliate network, even traditionally desktop based products.

Mobile Apps and Subscriptions

Apps, subscriptions, and mobile-only content is starting to catch on to the affiliate model of sales – and while you won’t make a fortune sending traffic to Apple’s App store, there are quite a few alternatives – including mobile tracking for subscription based services on smart phone devices, including the iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

What exactly can you promote? The sky is the limit and new product ideas are being released constantly. Just take a look at the products currently available in the affiliaXe database.


Combined with our soon to be released mobile app, we are embracing the mobile revolution in eCommerce in ways that other marketers have only just started to and the results are startling.

The Future of Mobile

If you’re a publisher, you already know how important mobile is – you are (or should be) investing in app development, mobile subscription services and all of your sites should be responsive. If you’re NOT a publisher and promote largely through affiliate programs you have even more opportunities.

Email marketing is just as effective on a mobile device as a desktop, mobile apps and subscription services are increasingly offering affiliate programs and you can promote websites directly through mobile ads or you can even create your own content-based app that will promote products of your choosing.

This year was a boom year for mobile advertising and content sales. In 2013, the number is going to increase even more drastically, so be ready to take advantage of it!