Monetizing Strictly through Upsells

A few weeks ago, we were talking to a friend preparing to launch a new website. He was fretting over how to price the eBook he had written. He had started at $27 but was worried affiliates would ignore it without an upsell, which he hadn’t written yet. But, he didn’t have enough time or money to expand his product to the point that he could charge more – a $97 price point wasn’t going to convert, he reasoned.

So, we told him to give it away for free.

At first he scoffed, but after making our case, he did as we recommended, giving away his brand new product up front in exchange for email opt-ins and member signups on his site and then promoted other products through affiliate programs in the back-end.

Additional investment required? $0

Total profit? A lot more than $0

The lesson here is that sometimes, pricing is a pain in the backside. Vendors know that to get affiliates on board they need a killer offer, a high converting sales page and a price point that will pay them back for their investment of time and money.

It makes sense from this angle – you create a strong relationship with your audience and upsell them to other, proven products that you make just as much money from, building enough capital to launch the product you really want to create.

As an affiliate you won’t choose a product unless it’s guaranteed to pay off. But the product you sell is less important than the products you create.

Think of Affiliate Marketing as an Upsell

Affiliate marketers tend to think of themselves as salespeople, but we suggest you take a different tact. Instead of someone shilling the next big launch every week, become a content producer.

Create content that provides honest value to your readers and then UPSELL your affiliate offers to your audience.

When it comes to monetization, nothing is more effective than TRUST – the relationship you build between yourself and your audience. If you don’t have an audience, it’s in your best interest to build one through content creation, trust-building campaigns and social interaction. Here are a few ways to do it:

* Email Marketing – Nothing builds a stronger relationship than an email list, but the quality needs to be HIGH. Consider this your core product – invest in it accordingly and only promote the products you KNOW will be appreciated by your list.
* Product Giveaways – Give away freebies to your list on a regular basis so you can build relationships with them. Free eBooks, free subscriptions, free membership sites, free forums – whatever you need to promote your goods.
* Webinars and Video Courses – On average, people value video greater than comparable written content. So, record more video and shower people in high perceived value.
* Authority Sites and Blogs – Create massive, content-rich sites loaded with freebies that people cannot help but return to.

Google is rewarding content more than ever before – invest a bit of time and money now, create a powerful base of high quality content and we guarantee the pay off will be bigger and stronger as you progress in your career.