Mid-Season Tips for Affiliates. How to Keep Them Earnings Coming?

We’re in the midst of shopping season with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us and Christmas & New Year’s around the bend.

Retailers have carefully researched this year’s predictions and crafted luring campaigns with one thing in mind, to exceed last year’s success.

And us, affiliates, are getting busy strategizing for the shopping frenzy that Christmas kickoff will bring.

If you haven’t yet settled in for this upcoming craze, not to worry. There’s still time to get the ball rolling.

Here are a few tips from us to you on how to take a step forward and sell more on 2016’s holiday season.

1. Always consider the timing

Every holiday has its peak days. Those special days when people spend more money during the week on gifts, decorations, and supplies to celebrate. According to mThink magazine, Tuesdays and Wednesdays became peak days in 2014, taking over the previously popular Monday. Super Saturday, for example, is the last Saturday before Christmas, a major day of revenue for American retailers. It targets last minute shoppers with one day sales, so it’s crucial to get a head start.

2. Go traditional or experiment with the new

affiliaXe is always heads on for special emails and offers, especially before and during the holiday season, however, if you’re on the lookout for another offer we haven’t included in one of our campaigns, make sure to holler at your affiliate manager to discuss your options.
Then it’s time to decide your strategy, whether you’ll push the traditional money makers on offer, experiment with a new offer / niche, or go for the big one and do it all at once.

3. Update your creatives

Every holiday has its thing. No matter if you’re doing it yourself or using an outsource to, always take care of any marketing related materials beforehand for testing and optimizing. Have a nice set of banners, landing pages and other visuals ready for an occasion or holiday, whether it be Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Christmas.

4. Experiment with alternative traffic sources

Take into consideration other traffic sources to maximize your results. Our traffic source guide can be a perfect solution for doing so. We have gathered a comprehensive collection of online traffic sources and additional tools for you to test and increase your volume during this profitable season. Each list contains likes and recommendations of other affiliates for your convenience, so you always know what works best.

Want to have access to affiliaXe’s comprehensive traffic source guide? Sign up.

Traffic Sources Guide

5. Keep your eye on trends and ask for more

It’s great to keep up with what people are searching for online. Going back to tip #2, you may discover that you can and should experiment with other products/ niches to better your promotion chances, according to people’s current retail demands.
Your affiliate manager can be of great assistance to you, getting you offers you see on the outside and aren’t necessarily on our platform. Ask for special deals, coupons, offers, etc. here’s a productive way to leverage your site’s branding and market exclusive deals to your traffic, subscribers, followers and fans.

6. Pump-up your networking skills on social media

Keep brushing up your social traffic, add friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Reach out to more people socially and expose yourself to more offers, promotions and campaigns, especially during the holidays. Do it with style and flare as you also don’t want to overload others with your offers. Become affiliated with new products and brands suited for your audience and your audience will appreciate your diversification and fresh content. Facebook boosted posts is a great idea for advertising your fan page posts to a larger amount of people and their friends, and their friends’ friends. You’ll drive a whole lot more engagement and clicks.

Here’s a great tip from LinkedIn.

Tip: Ask your Advertisers if they would like to sponsor one of your boosted posts on Facebook. They would get a good amount of targeted exposure and make sure to track the results with a sub ID tracking, so they know if it worked. You can mark it up a little and make some money that way plus your usual commission.

7. Keep the fresh and engaging content coming

This one goes hand in hand with tip #6. Rejuvenate your website’s content with fresh and gripping articles, tips, infographics, video graphics, visuals, and what not. You can always post an interesting article of How Social Media Affects the Holiday Season.

You know, when you add up valuable content that people would love to read chances are you’ll be indexed higher on Google and your site will rank under a large variety of phrases and keywords, resulting in more FREE traffic from search engines. Make sure to use keywords and phrases in proportion. Do not overload. Google will spot your article as false in a heartbeat if you do.

Going back to social media, sharing your posts on various channels, including your Facebook fan page, may generate more likes, comments and shares from your followers. Use a head spinning headline, one that makes your followers conversing, hashtags (especially on Twitter) and of course a link to your original post to increase the frequency of your site visitors.

Thank you for reading. If you have any more tips on how to make the most out of this year’s shopping season and increase your monthly earnings, feel free to share them in the comment section. The more the merrier.