#MeetTheTeam: This is Ori – Our Lead Developer

Ori has the mind and stamina of a true developer. He speaks code 24/7, in charge of all the underlying architecture of affiliaXe, and oversees the work of other engineers while running a full-time household.

A true family guy with four kids. Respect!

Ori loves his early morning Punk Rock music, large coffees, and Model Kits – assembling the tiniest pieces and building metallic Star Wars and Marvel figures. So cute like you wouldn’t believe.

Ori’s toys

A big fan of Wheel of Time, video games, Scuba-diving, nature hikes, and the answer ‘sure’.

This American dad has a serene vibe which you can very rarely undermine. Call his name ten times in a row just for kicks, ask him the same question repeatedly or tell him to turn down his ear-shattering music, and he won’t even flinch. Yep, we tried.

Ori’s usually the first to arrive at the office, and by 10 am the job’s already half done. The kind of guy that you can always trust to help you out, even if it’s not his field of expertise. We’d like to pick his brains ever so often and understand how in the world can someone be that patient.

Ori loves:

1. Watching National Geographic with the kids
2. Pizza night
3. Luli – a baby Albino Corn Snake (that’ll soon reach 182cm)
4. Jack Black’s Bad Lip Reading – SEAGULLS!

Fun facts about Ori:


Q: What talent do you have that is not utilized successfully in your workplace?

A: My mad video game skills are not utilized to their utmost potential in the workplace. I mean I’m just so good at them.

Q: Are you a day person or a night person?

A: I am a night person. People have more fun at night. The only problem is that I go to sleep at around 10:30…

Q: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

A: If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would get a new Tesla, a butler, a high-tech company and then I’ll come to work the next day.

Q: At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

A: Costco. I would feed my family for the next five years.

Q: If you could have any one superpower, which one would you choose?

A: I would choose a weird superpower. I would want to know where anything is. Just imagine that all you do is to think of something and know exactly where it was, like diamonds, lost treasure or your lost remote.

If you’re ever up for a good Mortal Kombat tournament, give Ori a shout-out!

He’ll love the challenge.

Ori Preis
Lead Developer
Email: ori@affiliaXe.com