#MeetTheTeam: This is Gili – Our Human Resources Manager

This awesome Cali Girl landed on us straight from America’s most beautiful city, San Francisco.

A colorful person filled with great vibes and positive energy, Gili gave an entire new meaning to multi-tasking. She’s keeping busy recruiting new talents and managing all the Human Resources activities for affiliaXe, including maintaining work and interviewing structure, assisting the team professionally and socially, taking over special projects, well being and team events, and creating a fun and creative atmosphere.

Gili’s well known for her:

1. Smiley “Good Mornings”
2. Gorgeous Pit bull, Shaffa
3. First-class happy hours and company night-outs. #IScreamforIceCream

Gili is our go-to person for practically everything!

Fun Facts about Gili!

Q: What aspect of your personality adds the most value to the world?

A: My positive outlook on life

Q: What soothes your spirit when you are unhappy or in a bad mood?

A: Going to the beach, Beyonce’s song ‘Who Run the World’ and wine 😉

Q: Who is your favorite singer/band and why?

A: My 3 main men, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and Idan Raichel. Their lyrics are deep and rich, and they use lots of instruments.

Q: What are three things still left on your bucket list?

A: Trekking the Machu Pichu, seeing the pyramids, scuba diving in the great barrier reef.

Q: What is your favorite/weirdest food mix and match?

A: Pasta with melted yellow cheese and ketchup. Basically anything with cheese, and anything with ketchup!

Q: Favorite trip overseas?

A: Girl trip to Barcelona!

Take me back to Barcelona

Gili’s motto is…

Wanna join the affiliaXe team?
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Email: gili@affiliaxe.com