Integrating Mobile and Desktop Sales Funnels

It was revealed in a recent study by Google that 38% of residents in first world countries own a smart phone and 82% of those people use search on their smart phone more than once a week. On top of that, nearly half of all smart phone users purchase items on their phone from ecommerce sites.

So, in 2012, when you create a sales page or review site for a product you are promoting, it is absolutely vital that you integrate mobile technology into the funnel. Why lose sales because your site can’t be loaded properly on a mobile?

Creating an Effective Funnel

There are a few ways to create a site that is both desktop and mobile friendly. The easiest is to use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla that has responsive themes. These responsive themes will automatically resize themselves to match the layout of your website on whatever sized screen is is currently being viewed on. With more than 50 million tablets sold in the last two years and smart phone use becoming so ubiquitous this is a necessity.

You don’t know whether someone will find your website on a tablet, smart phone or desktop computer so the easiest way to maximize conversions is to create a site that caters to all three. You can build responsive designs in HTML as well, but the extra coding is extensive, so a theme that does it automatically is recommended.

Mobile Friendly Headlines and CTA

One thing you’ll find more often on mobile-friendly websites is that the CTAs and headlines are large, easy to read and clear. Even with increasingly large screens on smart phones, a tiny, hard to read headline will be skipped more often than not. The trend towards less text, more images and easy to ready in-box callouts is also directly related to the mobile push. People need to be able to see and read everything on the screen and that means streamlining it in a way that doesn’t cut out any aspect of the pitch.

If you are reading a new website or are simply interested in getting the most out of your current site, consider the impact that a well built, mobile-friendly responsive design will have. You stand to improve sales by as much as 35% by hitting up an ever growing market of on-the-go web surfers.