Identifying a Successful Product Review Model and Scaling

One of the most successful forms of affiliate marketing right now is Amazon associate marketing. Because Amazon is universally known and trusted and because their site is so highly optimized to increase conversions and repeat purchases, your sole job is to drive traffic to the site and you will likely make money.

But to really boost your conversions, a little bit of preselling to a purchase-ready audience doesn’t hurt. That’s where product reviews come in. Well written, highly targeted product reviews allow you to place yourself front and center in front of prospective buyers who already know what they need and may even have an idea of what product they want. Your sole job is to help them justify and finalize their purchase decision.

A Good Product Review

A good product review model is relatively simple. There are many sites out there that offer advanced WordPress plugins or scripting tools to improve the efficiency of your product reviews, but at their core they need to do three things:

  1. Outline the Key Benefits of a Product
  2. Provide a Realistic Outline of the Good and Bad
  3. Summarize Everything into a Buying Decision

A glowing product review with no mention of drawbacks is not necessarily a good review – it lacks authenticity and it doesn’t provide a realistic overview of that product. At the same time a sharply negative review isn’t pleasant to read and the only thing it really does is stop the reader from buying that product. They will go elsewhere to find what they need.

So, a good review should introduce a product, outline what is good about it, mention a few bad things and then summarize it all in a short paragraph that basically says “buy” or “don’t buy”. You can go into greater detail if there is a product that fits certain buyers but not others.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to the written review, there are a few other things you can do to improve the effectiveness of your product review. The following are all shown to improve conversions to some degree:

*  Star Ratings

*  Images

*  Comparison Charts

*  Direct Links to Buying Pages

*  Numerical Statistics of Performance

Integrating these into the reviews or the pages on which the reviews are published will make them more effective at converting buyers once they make a buying decision. Once you have a higher conversion rate, you can then start scaling your review sites, building more on the same outline and growing your revenues as a result