How to Work From Home and Still Be Productive

Working from home is treated as a luxury by many people. Mostly by those who have to wake up early and commute to work every day.

Some people, though, prefer to work in a company office, with co-workers and colleagues, and perpetuate their daily routine. It helps separating between work life and life, no doubt.

Others happily adopt the idea of working from home… and Affiliate Marketing is one of the ideal professions for doing so.

One downside, believe it or not, in working from home is the constant distractions. Truth is, office spaces have their fair share of distraction, especially when working in a noisy open space, but when you’re working from home, there’s also no one to supervise these distractions and tell you to get back to work.

So, how can you make sure you are being productive when your office is also your bedroom, study, kitchen or anywhere else in your living quarters?

Here’s what we found.

Make a Schedule and Abide by it

It is vital to make a work schedule – set your working hours and dedicate those hours to just focusing on your work, just like in a regular office.

Tell people your hours to avoid outside disturbances. Some people may feel that if you’re working from home, you are available all the time, but to be productive, you need to set some boundaries.

Explain that as an affiliate you need hours of uninterrupted work in order to produce results.

By the same token, set an end time to your work day, as the pressure to work at all hours may lead to burnout.

Just like you would leave an office and go home, leave your work at a set hour and honor your downtime.

Block Disturbances and Distractions

There are many distractions at home, and not all of them are external.

While enforcing a schedule may help keep other people from disturbing you, you need to stop yourself from distracting yourself.

This is never more relevant than when you are working online.

The internet is a whole world of distractions and it is right at your fingertips.

As an affiliate marketer who is working from home, you need to prevent these disturbances from impacting your work.

One way to do this is to remove social networks from your toolbar to make them less accessible and overall send less time on social media as it basically takes up all of your attention.

Set Work Windows and Breaks

People focus best for around 90 minutes at a time.

Instead of looking at your work day as an 8-hour block, break it up into 90 minute windows with 15 to 20 minute breaks in between.

Those breaks should be used to recharge.

Get up and walk around, make and eat lunch, watch TV, or do some yoga.

This way, you will be extra productive during your work windows and will get your tasks done efficiently.

At the same time, you should create a work schedule, much like you would if you worked in an office.

For example, if you write better in the morning, set those as your morning tasks and then save your calls or virtual meetings for the afternoon.

Create a Dedicated Work Space

Some people love the idea of working from home so that they can stay in their PJs and work in bed.

In reality, you are more likely to be productive if you get dressed in the morning and work at a desk with a comfortable chair.

A local coffee shop could also work well, as long as it is considered your work space.

This helps you get into the right frame of mind before you begin working.

Having a dedicated work space also means that if you need to meet with clients, you will have an appropriate space to sit with them.

Affiliate marketing is one of the ideal careers for working from home; however, it only works if you set yourself up to be productive.

With the right boundaries in place, you can make it work and even become more efficient than if you worked in an office environment.

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