How to Replicate a Successful Site

Affiliate marketing can often feel like a hit or miss endeavor. You create multiple websites, load them with content, and run in circles trying to develop a marketing plan that holds everything together. And yet, at the end of the day, for every 10 campaigns you launch, you’re lucky to see one or two find success.

So, what do you do when that one site takes off? How do you replicate it and ensure that your coffers stay full? Here are some tips to build on success.

Recording Data

To replicate a successful campaign, you must first have data from that campaign to know what you did right. There are dozens of elements in an affiliate marketing website – from reviews, to content articles, to your email list and the design of the website. Which elements had the biggest impact and how can you copy them? That’s the question we need to answer.

Google Analytics offers an easy way to analyze and measure the success of specific tasks you undertake on your site. From landing page traffic to bounce rates, you can see what works and what doesn’t relatively easily. Just make sure to define clear goal paths for your site so you know when financially rewarding events occur.

Slow Rollout

If one WordPress review site works, don’t spend all of your profits creating 10 more, assuming you’ll increase your profits 1,000%. Instead, create one new site and save the rest of your profits for other investments. If your duplicate site works, create two more and so on, slowly rolling out the replication process. While success can be addictive, you need to be wary of false positives.

Capture the Traffic

If your site works, capture as much traffic as possible through an email list and save it for later. A good email list allows you to reach out to prospects on a recurring basis and reduces your workload when you have a new review or site to share. Instead of killing yourself getting new traffic, simply direct these existing, warm leads to it and reap the rewards.

Be Willing to Try New Things

Not every successful site can be replicated. Sometimes, a success is a onetime thing. For that reason, it’s in your best interest to continuously try new and exciting things to keep your campaigns fresh. If you diversify your efforts and replicate what works, you’ll find your profits scaling upwards rapidly, and that’s the first step toward turning your affiliate marketing hobby into a full blown career.