How to Network Like a Pro

It’s day two of Affiliate World Europe and everyone’s in their networking high point, looping through booths, marketing sessions and panels. Learning how to network like a pro can always come in handy, before, during or after an event and these tips will undoubtedly sink in fast. You know this. You got this. Here we go!

As marketers, we understand how networking is a vital part of our profession. The right connections can do wonders for our business, especially if our networking skills are very well formed.

Strategy is key.

The fact that we already know this, doesn’t always mean we know how to go about it.

Networking takes on many forms and here we’ll have a look at how to establish and promote important online and offline marketing connections.

How to Network?

When you’re interacting with people, keep in mind that you are a person before you are a business man/woman. People, whoever they are, relate to genuine individuals and are usually gone with the first sign of “they’re trying to sell me something”.

Networking with colleagues and industry experts is no different than meeting your date. This especially applies to one-on-one meetups, calls with colleagues, or email correspondences with peers or mentors. Don’t stress to impress. There’s plenty of that in the non-networking pros corner.

Foster Authentic Relationships

The aim of networking and developing professional relationships is ultimately to grow your business. Networking allows you to improve your knowledge by exchanging information, create a resource for new ideas, and bring traffic to your business. One authentic relationship will have more impact in these areas than 10 superficial relationships. Spend time talking to people, invite them for drinks or lunch, and make sure they remember you and what you do.

Be Generous

Give more than you get. You never know where or who your next big break could come from. You need to focus your networking on the right people – influencers within your target audience – but don’t ignore everyone else. Walk around with a smile and a spread good vibes. Be interested in other people’s projects and help out or share knowledge where you can. Any networking pro understands that everyone you meet may turn into a valuable partnership.

Recognize the Importance of Social Networking

While you don’t want to spend too much time on social media sites, they can be a valuable networking resource. Spend some constructive time updating your profile, improving your professional brand messaging and connecting with new people. Network like a pro and connect with marketing directors and CEOs.

All the major social media sites are worthwhile, but LinkedIn is an important site for marketers. Share knowledge, share links to informative blog posts, and comment on relevant content. Never jump right into business. Nurture your connections with a long-term goal in sight.

Attend a Range of Events

While you need to work hard to build your business, putting in the hours in the office, networking like a pro requires you to go out and about. Industry events are yours for the taking. Meet digital marketing professionals, socialize and get to know people. You can also attend as a speaker where you can showcase your knowledge. This also boosts your credibility which is a great way to drum up business.

Make Networking a Priority

Recognize the many opportunities that networking offers you in terms of collaboration and growth opportunities. Develop and nurture large, open networks through many different channels. Spread your net to meet people both within the online marketing and affiliate industry and without. By having a plan and spending constructive time on your networking, you can build your brand and expand your business opportunities.