How to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings at Christmas

It’s that time of the year again – Holiday Season, also known as every affiliate’s dream.

With the general public out to buy, buy, buy, flocking brick and mortar and online stores, there are a lot of opportunities for affiliates to maximize on – potentially doubling or even tripling their commissions.

Here are just a few handy tips on how to make the most of the holiday season and push the limits of your affiliate earnings right before and during Christmas time.

Pick Your Products Wisely

The holiday period is so short that not being focused on certain products is definitely a no-no.

You need to have a clear, effective product strategy in place – if not by Black Friday, then definitely as soon as possible after it – to make the most of the products you’d like to push.

Whether that’s something holiday-themed, a new product you’d like to test out, an old reliable bestseller, or everything at once, you need to be prepared and ready. You might want to see what’s worked for you in the past – but with your captive audience literally throwing cash at anything and everything, you might just find yourself surprised at what works.

These offers, for example, are great profit boosters for you, and we know that for sure after testing their performance on Black Friday & Cyber Monday:


Miles Kimball

Walter Drake

Double Down on Successful Traffic Channels

Because it’s such a short time period, you’re unlikely to have the energy, dedication, or even budget to apply yourself to hitting every type of platform and channel and waiting to see what works.

Those looking to increase affiliate earnings would do well to see which campaigns and traffic channels have historically worked well for them, and then double down on those.

Remember, it’s better to have more converting traffic at a higher price than a few conversions here and there, for a lower CPA. You could even tempt your successful platforms’ traffic with extra holiday-themed creatives and LPs, discounts and coupons, if the mood (or budget) so takes you.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you, but most of the buying public are now mobile-first when it comes to making purchases, at any time of the year.

Therefore, keeping your content, adverts, and other marketing efforts mobile-friendly will definitely speak to this crowd.

Because, when a potential buyer is running around the mall looking to get something they just saw in the shops cheaper, you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t be lugging around their tablet or laptop to search for it!

Be Holiday-Themed and Friendly

This might sound a little on the strange side, but hear us out: by taking two minutes to:

● Email your mailing list with a holiday greeting (and maybe even a holiday discount code)

● Adding a holiday-themed banner, icon or backdrop to your content, site or offers

● Curating your products, offers or marketing efforts to include holiday gift suggestions

…can pay absolutely huge dividends for affiliate earnings at Christmas. It’s not just that you’re showing your holiday spirit; it’s that potential buyers – already whipped up into a holiday season, gift-buying frenzy – are more likely to respond. Not only that, it shows your content/site/offers to be current, relevant and in ‘good cheer’ mode – no one likes to be a humbug, after all!

Increase Affiliate Earnings for The Holidays:

Get Started!

As any affiliate marketer knows, these things take time – and unfortunately, the month or so between Thanksgiving and New Year just isn’t long enough for a slowly-slowly campaign.

The best way to increase affiliate earnings is to ensure you have a focused product strategy, which is communicated effectively and incorporating the season’s themes into your communication and marketing strategy. Otherwise, doubling down on what works, making sure you speak to the consumer on their level and in ways which they’ll respond to – mobile – is sure to help, improve and increase affiliate earnings at Christmas and throughout the holiday season.