Push Notification Traffic: Why it Works and How to Increase Sales with it?

As marketers, we love seeing our web traffic go higher in numbers. There are many strategies and tools used to drive traffic, however, push notifications are surging in popularity because you’re targeting customers directly without using intermediaries like banners or social media.

what is Push Notification how it works?

A push notification is a short message that appears in your client’s browser or mobile device even when they are not actively using your app or visiting your website. The main difference between a pop-up message and a push notification is that a pop-up happens only when a user actively visits a site, while a push notification is independent.

Most mobile devices and web browsers require the user to enable receiving push notifications for this technology to work out and that is why the traffic you’re targeting is completely authentic simply because they receive notification at their full approval. If your customers wish to receive push notifications no longer, they can unsubscribe at any given time. A win-win situation.

How do Push Notifications work?

Push notifications are a part of “server push” technology. Once the user gives the permission, your server can push a notification to the user interface of their device – mobile or desktop – containing information about a new update or a message that you choose. This notification is clickable, and it prompts the user to visit your website or the app.

There are two main kinds of push notifications:

– Local notifications
– Remote notifications

Image source: Apple
Image source: Apple

Most mobile apps use local notifications and make use of the ability to run in the background of the device. They schedule notifications for times of the day or for during certain time periods similar to a timer. When that time is reached, the users get a notification displayed in the user interface of their device.

Remote notifications are handled by a remote server which the user is registered under a unique key. When the remote server sends out a message, all the keys which are registered get a display notification in their device.

The benefits of Push Notification traffic

There are many benefits to using this technology to increase sales. First of all, you are sending your promotion to a user who has already agreed to receive your messages – hence, already has an interest in your products/services even if they have not already made a purchase.

This infinitely increases your chances of potentially leading to a conversion or getting a view on a page.

Unlike emails, push notifications give you an immediate response. Therefore, you can adjust your strategy according to the feedback without having to wait a long time to see how successful it is.

When you send a push notification, it gets displayed directly on the user interface of their personal mobile or device. This largely increases the chance of being seen and getting a response when compared to doing an email marketing campaign or placing an advertisement in social media. It is personal, efficient and has a high response rate.

What can you promote with Push Notifications?

Push notification traffic work well with any type of products, services, and offers. If you’re interested in promoting content related to a new offer, update, announcement or brand awareness, feel free to do so with notifications.
You can promote:

– Special offers or campaigns
– Site and news updates
– Special deals & discounts
– Freebies
– Online courses
– eBooks

Options are on your side.

Push Notifications for eCommerce affiliates

There are three most effective and widely (and successfully!) used push notification strategies that you can use to increase your eCommerce affiliate sales.

– An attractive “pre-ask” campaign

Image source: Localytics

All push notification campaigns require the users to permit to receive them. This is often done by a generic pop-up notification sent by the browser that they are using. Most users almost automatically reject these generic pop-ups. Put some effort and thought into customizing this pre-ask message pop-up, encouraging your user to allow push notifications.

– A Welcome Message

Once you have their permission, sending them a thoughtful and strategic welcome helps you retain them. Even a simple welcome message would suffice but offering them a discount to shop or a similar incentive would make a positive impact. Unlike emails, you will be able to get an instant response and feedback to your message, giving you an idea about what works and what does not.

– A Drip Campaign

In the marketing world, DRIP stands for – Differentiate, Reinforce, Inform and Persuade. To put it simply, it is a planned long-term strategy that focuses on each user personally depending on their interests and other parameters that differentiates them from other users.

This method is often used in email marketing, but with push notification affiliate marketing, you get better click-through rates, better responses and the results are almost instant allowing you to be more efficient with your marketing campaigns.