How to Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing Endeavors

How to Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing Endeavors

Imagine for a moment you create a website and start promoting a product. You pour all of your time and money into that site and start to see some truly impressive results. Your business is booming.

But then the vendor disappears. They get sued or they take their product down – it doesn’t matter why, but that vendor has just gone AWOL and your marketing efforts suddenly mean nothing.

As an affiliate marketer, you rely heavily on the vendors whose products you promote. If you put all of your eggs in one basket, you risk dropping and breaking them all in one fell swoop. Diversification is the best protection against a sudden market change – either in a niche that loses all steam or from a vendor who gives up on their business.

Start in a Single Niche

Always start with a single niche, not only so you can build out of it and have a solid income stream at first, but so you can understand that niche solidly before you grow. For this reason alone, we often recommend choosing an evergreen niche that will never go away.

In terms of information marketing, this means niches like online dating, weight loss, fitness, or making money online. These niches may change as laws are written or changed, but they will never go away.

The products in them, however, might, so always choose more than one product across a varied spectrum within that niche to build your business around. Don’t just pick one really amazing weight loss product. Choose three or four and market them each carefully to ensure you have a diversified portfolio of sites and products you are promoting.

Moving to New Niches

Most affiliate marketers have one or two niches in which they put most of their time and money, but rarely is it just one. There are too many risks. Even if we say that weight loss as an information niche will never go anywhere, it’s always possible for something to change. So diversify by finding a second niche that will supplement and support that first niche.

In the case of weight loss, a good supplemental niche would be fitness and muscle building. For online dating, a good second niche might be self-help and personal development. These are complementary, allow you to promote between lists and can grow together.

More importantly, you can diversify your investments so that if a change ever occurs, you are ready for it and won’t feel pressure in your business because of it.