How to Create a Killer Landing Page that Converts Like Crazy

I’ll begin this article with a quote. It’s always nice to begin an article with a quote.
“There is no standard manual on the creation of a perfect landing page” Neil Patel.

Nice, eh?

Well, he’s right! Creating a good landing page depends on so many things, and differs between one brand / reader / product or service / niche to another. However, there are standard characteristics for a successful landing page.

A catchy headline

1. Your headline should grab people’s attention. It has to be clear, fun, persuasive.

2. Keep it short and to the point. Not more than 5-6 words.

3. Your headline should complement benefits of the brand / product / service.

4. Back up your headline with a sub-headline, an image, or both.

Example from FreshBooks cloud accounting:
Accounting Made for You, the Non-Accountant

A great subheadline to back it up

Normally located underneath the main headline, the sub-headline is mostly used for further elaboration, and thus used to persuade people to stay on the page. Locating the subheadline above the main one is great for a short but sweet intro to lure people to keep reading.

Example from MOZ:
Headline: Products to power Your Online Visibility
Subheadline: Online marketing is complicated. Moz software makes it easy.

Use images & videos

Our brain has a tendency to react to and remember images & videos a lot faster than text.
It’s crucial for any awesome landing page to include an image, an infographic, or a short video of the product / service and how to use it. Make sure all footage is large and high quality.

State the benefit of your brand / product / service

Why should people purchase yours and not someone else’s? Differentiate your brand by specifying the benefits of your product. Nothing too long. Keep it short and easy to digest, and accentuate the fact that everything revolves around the user, what do they get? You can add the benefits explanation to the headline and subheadline, mention it in a few points or steps. It comes down to quid pro quo. Keep in mind that you’re asking people to submit their personal data; full name, contact info, email address, etc. They’ll expect something in return. Stating the benefits is of high importance.

Here’s a benefit stated in the headline from Square:
“Start accepting credit cards today”

Here’s a benefit stated in the body text of the landing page from APPLANDER:
“Super Easy, Screaming Speed, It’s Simple”

What’s the added value you’re selling?

People buy products because it fulfills a certain need they have. Not just a physical need, but a mental one too. People seek to gain pleasure in their purchases, whatever they would be.

For example, when someone buys natural vitamins, they’re not just purchasing pills per say, but also their added value of natural purity, healthy lifestyle, relief & trendiness.

Your landing page should sell a desire. Promoting a new product or service on its own is not always enough. It’s all about massaging people’s egos. Do they feel trendy, healthy, compensated, admired, satisfied? Tap on their emotions, inspire their senses, and there you have it!

Gain people’s trust!

People need to know they can trust you in order to buy from you. Popular brands have it easier as they are widely known amongst consumers. Doesn’t mean they’re not on pins and needles to constantly attract their audience.

What can you do to gain people’s trust?

1. Add testimonials / success stories – ask satisfied customers to share their stories, use images & videos.

2. Add Twitter comments to your landing page so that others can see what your followers are writing about you.

3. Reviews – add recent positive reviews / star ratings from satisfied users.

4. Awards – were you ever top rated on a significant website’s list? Won an award? Add that!

A strong call to action button (CTA)

The CTA is aimed to provoke an immediate response from the user. It needs to be clear, short and ultimately call for action. The CTA has to stand out the most on your landing page. Think of it as the narrowest part of your landing page funnel, as when the button is clicked, an action is taken.


By following these steps, you’re defiantly on your way in creating a killer landing page! Remember, there are no shortcuts. You may customize some of these according to your brand, product or niche, but always make sure to test a few options first (A/B testing), as it’s an inseparable part of the process.

Good luck, Ace!