How to Build Yourself a Huge Email List and Why You Need to

Affiliate email marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your marketing content and increase sales.


Simply because it involves building yourself an asset, a list of your customers’ emails given to you for something in exchange.

In fact, according to a 2014 survey, email marketing offers the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

Taking this into account, the question should not be whether or not one should invest in building themselves an email list, but rather how quickly can that list get built?

Getting an email address from a customer is not something to be taken for granted as most people avoid handing out their personal details. They don’t wish to become a target of any kind unless you can offer them value in return.

Before dwelling on the “How” part, let’s take a closer look at the “Why”.

Why should you be investing in building a huge email list?

The Benefits of a Huge Email List

You own your own email list – Imagine spending hours, days, weeks, months and even years building your audience on Facebook, for instance. One fine day, you’re being banned and all your hard work is down the drain. You are very much at the mercy of the platform you are using. An email list you are building for yourself is solely yours. You own it completely without risking other channels shutting you down.

Your audience is always there – If you have an email list of 20,000 people and only 20% of those people open your email, that is 4,000 people you have still reached and who are all interested in what you have to say.

Email lists create long-term customers – Through an email list, you can reach the same customer multiple times. If other affiliates are able to reach a customer only once, you can reach them once a month! All it involves is for them to open your email, and if you got to them once with your awesome content, offers, webinars, etc., you’ll get to them twice and before you realize, you have yourself customers for life.

Cost effective – Instead of spending money on other forms of marketing, emails can reach a huge audience, all at once, when it suits you.

Now, here comes the “How” part.

How to Actually Build Your List?

So, now you can see the benefits of having a huge email list, how do you go about building up that list and building it quickly?

Content Upgrades – Content is one of the main ways to build a great email list.

At the same time as writing a blog post, spend more time to write a more in-depth piece of content on a subject that you know would interest your audience in exchange for their email address.

This is a beneficial way to gather email addresses and it will provide you with an audience that is interested in what you have to say, as they already expressed interest in your content.

Perfect your strategy for content upgrades and you can increase conversions quickly and simply.

Product reviews & comparisons – You are promoting a product you think will interest your audience. If you want to really catch their attention, review it. When you write down your own personal experience with the product, you seem more credible to your readers. Compare the product with similar products the market offers in order to give yours a head start. Why is it better? What features does it have that other products don’t? Go into details.

Giveaways – Giveaways help attract potential customers. They are compelling prizes your audience wants and are very much relevant for them. A giveaway, however, does not mean you should be sending low-quality emails containing poor content and junk freebies of any sorts. You should offer only something your potential audience would want and love, for example, a free subscription to a website, page, webinar, online course, and audiobook.

Opt-in Incentives – Opt-in incentives act similarly to content upgrades, in that they offer specific benefits and encourage potential customers to offer their email address.

Opt-in incentives can be free eBooks, free software, white papers, a free online course, downloadable articles, games, surveys, etc.

These incentives, however, are not linked specifically to a blog post but can be found advertised on sidebars, opt-in pop-ups, footers and more. This can be quicker and more cost-effective than content upgrades as the same content can be used in multiple places.

Webinars – Free webinars are a successful way to increase your email list with a specific type of user.

A webinar can be short and simple to create and can handle a specific topic that is relevant to your readers. By offering a webinar for a limited time, people feel a sense of urgency and sign up so they don’t miss out.

With a quality webinar, or series of webinars, on a subject that targets the audience you are looking to attract, you can significantly increase the size of your email list with quality subscribers.

Pop-Ups – Pop-ups can be found almost everywhere because they work so well.

The best part about pop-ups is that they are easy to implement, requiring just a few lines of copy. Pop-ups can work for just about any audience and so they can be extremely useful for affiliates.


There are just one of several list building methods you can use. If you come up with your own successful method and want to share it with us, feel free to leave your awesome comment in the comment section below.

We love hearing from our readers.

If you’re just making your first steps as an affiliate marketer and feel like you’re climbing uphill, do not worry. It’s worth the hard work in the long run as you will have your own concrete list without having to answer to no-one but your great readers.

When you do build your huge email list the next step is to start monetizing your existing traffic.

Good luck!