How to Boost Your Affiliate Travel Earnings

The whole point of affiliate marketing is to monetize your website – and that’s what we’re here to help you do!

One of the best ways to make sure you get more with a Travel affiliate program is to guarantee your website is highly optimized for its visitors.

We’ve put together a list of small ways to improve your website and help you result in BIG gains.

Build a Brand to Remember

First things first: your website is your brand, and the strength of the brand name – its memorability and recognizability for customers – will help create loyal customers and bring more traffic.

Make sure to have a solid marketing strategy that promotes your website in a way that is appealing to customers and puts your brand in their mind when it comes to making that purchase.

Use Statistics Tools to Improve Your SEO

Start using free tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Google Optimize which can provide you with in-depth analyses of your customers and how they navigate your webpages.

No matter how small or big your business is, these clever tools will show you when and where your users click on your pages, which links are more favored and many, many other useful data points to help you improve and achieve your online business goals.

‘Invest’ in Advertising with Google and Social Sites

We say invest, but really putting a smidgen of money (even as little as $2-5 a day) can really help boost your page traffic.

Target the right audience and watch as applications like AdWords or Facebook ads bring in visitors. Simple, classic, and effective.

Remember What’s Important: Content, Content, Content

Your website should be a resource for travelers – your top customers.

By providing interesting, relevant, and exciting articles like ‘Best Ways to Make the Most of Long Layovers’ or ‘The Only Departure Checklist You’ll Ever Need,’ you’re giving customers yet another great reason to come back to your webpage.

Target your best (and optimal) clients and create web content that makes your website stand out.

Create a Blog for Your Site

To expand further on your content – and the voice of your company – consider adding a blog.

Adding a blog is a way for customers to feel a bigger personal connection to the website while providing you with an outlet for more sales points. Regularly update your blog (at least once a week is best) to show visitors frequent, reliable activity, and keep the site fresh.

Websites that are constantly providing fresh content appeal more to customers than those that post rarely.

Make it Available for Everyone

Make the most of the affiliate program by creating a page that is accessible for international markets by developing a multilingual platform. Reaching more people by providing information in multiple languages is easy: get your content translated through freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork. It’s a simple way to increase traffic and revenue and is especially helpful on travel websites.

Offer the Best Customer Service

Sometimes, nothing can be more off-putting than poor customer service. Bad customer service before a sale can deter a potential visitor from converting – for good.

A crummy customer service experience for an existing customer may result in a loss of repeat sales. Set up friendly, automated responses. Focus on creating interactions with your customers to keep them happy and returning!

Provide a Live Chat Option

One way to offer outstanding customer service is by adding a Live Chat button to improve the user experience. No customer enjoys having to wait for a response for days. A Live Chat button enables prompt replies which improve your customer service significantly.

Connect with Customers via Social Networks

These days, it’s essential to stay connected with customers through social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Use these social channels to promote your special offers, events, deals and more.

For example, if you’re promoting Aviasales offers on your website, adding relevant links, creating lucrative banners and pushing forward special discounts will help drive more traffic significantly to the offer.

Publish photos, facts, and videos with links to your website (or blog articles) to drive more traffic to pages with affiliate links. Another great thing about social media sites: business pages and profiles often come with free analytics tools already programmed in.

Complimentary Services

Expand your site by offering complimentary services to customers like booking flights, taxis, car rentals, hotels, tour packages and even more. Allow your customers to complete the whole booking process through your site, and they’ll enjoy the benefits of not having to look elsewhere for information or bookings.

Create the most convenient bonus-stocked site possible, and they’ll never book with another company again.