How Fashion Bloggers Can Become Successful with Affiliate Marketing

Fashion blogs have become so much more than just a place to flaunt your style – they’re now a fully-grown platform for you to generate affiliate traffic and income, if utilized correctly.

The partnerships between bloggers and fashion brands is booming for a long while now. Brands recognize the value of these high-end influencers, so much that fashion bloggers occupy the first rows in fashion shows, VIP seats right next to Ms. Wintour.

Bloggers have entered a new age whereby they are driving more sales and becoming even more influential than celebrities themselves.

Recent research found that 72% of Millennials (under 35 years old) and 51% of GenXers (aged 35-49) follow fashion bloggers extensively, and most importantly, fashion bloggers influence 90% of wealthy consumers who follow and purchase from sites recommended in these blogs, and thus making an average of 4.2 purchases in the past year.

This means that bloggers can earn big for themselves and the brands they promote, and the products are sold to the people who want them most; it’s a win-win-win situation altogether.

So, as a Fashion blogger how can you become successful and make a great income with affiliate marketing?

Here are a few crucial steps you need to consider.

Choose the Right Brands to Partner With

Successful fashion affiliates/bloggers that have built up their following from the ground up know the importance of partnering with brands that are appealing and enticing towards their audience.

It is deeply important for these bloggers to work with brands that fit the personality and overall style of their blog, simply because they want to make sure that the product they advertise on their blog is something they would personally purchase and use themselves.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger, always promote a product you relate to. Never mind your chosen niche. Your followers will sense your genuine recommendation, and surely enough, this will lead to conversions.

Choose the Right Strategy

There are different ways to best promote a fashion brand on your blog, whether it’s an elite brand or an emerging one.

When you’re working with an affiliate network, you have the privilege of utilizing its advanced infrastructure to generate better results and traffic volume.

An affiliate network has the technology and tools to build and cultivate relationships with brands.

There’s a team of affiliate managers to provide you with everything you need to optimize your affiliate marketing efforts and support you – if you’re making your first steps, a mid-level affiliate or an expert, you’ll be guided and tipped on the best working offers, gain access to the full list of Top Offers and traffic sources recommended by fellow affiliates.

affiliaXe provides access to many fashion brands you can advertise on your blog, such as: Zaful, Asos, and Lazada, just to name a few.

Commission Earning:

affiliaXe works on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Sale (CPS) pricing models, which means that as a blogger, you are paid a percentage of each sale you drive for your brand partner. The tools and technology offered to you can help you be on top of things; create links, monetize your traffic, track your results and get paid on time.

Craft Great Content

If you’re already crafting unique and engaging content your followers love to read, keep going.

There are a few ways you can use your content in advertising a fashion brand genuinely.

Product reviews:

Fashion bloggers spot impressive garments and accessories from a mile away. You can write about the perfect make-up brands for Fall-Winter, your recently purchased Blue ankle boots, favorite skin products, etc.

Product reviews are great for driving more traffic to your blog, so make sure to make them as genuine as possible.

Stay relevant:

As a fashion blogger, you should always stay on top of the latest seasonal trends, products, fashion dos and don’ts, etc. Feed your blog with fresh and relevant content that’ll generate a strong and stable flow of income.

Guides, How to’s, lists, options, latest news & updates will keep your audience fully engaged on the brands you are promoting.

Diversify your content:

Almost no fashion blogger tends to stick to writing alone. Fashion blogs are all about visuals, images and videos.

If you’re writing a review on a product, make sure to add visuals as well, perhaps a video of you using the product, Before and After images, interviews with designers, informational posts on a specific product, such as e-books, mini-courses, podcasts, video posts, etc.

Effective Ways to Use Affiliate Links on Your Blog

There are a few ways to effectively incorporate affiliate marketing into any blog or post:

Sponsored Content:

What do bloggers produce tons of? Content!

A blogger’s archives of content go a long way in showing the personality of the blogger in question, as well as how much engagement they receive.

One simple way to achieve affiliate success with bloggers is by sponsoring their content: their audience will receive the same type of content they know and love, while being exposed to top, relevant affiliate products.


Similar to sponsored content, collaborations allow brands to become directly involved with the blogger, having the blogger take a more active approach in promoting products or a brand name.

It’s more of a second step for affiliates, who often like to test the water with a fashion blogger’s audience by sponsoring their content initially, and only paying commission when and if a product is bought.

Bottom Line

Blogging is a tough business – for most, it starts off as a labor of love – and it often stays that way.

With affiliate marketing, bloggers can take their income streams to the next level in a variety of ways, both strengthening their audience, who can come to rely on the blogger for exposure to the hottest new products, and for the blogger themselves – who develop a stream of passive income.

Affiliate marketing is the future of the fashion blogging industry, allowing fashion bloggers to earn nicely just for doing what they love and know best.