Grow Your Passive Revenue Streams by Publishing Your Content through Kindle

Most marketers think of an article or a report as a piece of content with a purpose – something that can be used to draw customers to their site and convert them to sales. It’s a tool.

In reality, however, anything you write has tremendous value. Your blog posts. Articles for directories. Free reports. Bonuses for your subscribers. These are all valuable pieces of content that can be monetized to produce a secondary stream of income.

The eBook Platform

The eBook platform is by no means new, but it has exploded in popularity in recent years. Since the release of Amazon’s first Kindle device in 2007, millions of users have been able to quickly and easily download titles from the Kindle marketplace.

What was first a niche alternative to the bookstore has quickly become the de facto way to obtain and absorb information for millions of people and you can take advantage of that with an extremely simple publishing interface.

Amazon’s Direct Publishing for Kindle website ( allow you to quickly enter the details of your book including a custom cover, target categories, and book synopsis. You set the price and receive 70% of the revenue for each sale. There are some rules of course.

You need to own the rights to the content before publishing it. If you hired a contractor to write the content on your blog or in your free report, make sure they sign over the copyright to that content before you publish anything. Additionally, if there is content you want to keep exclusive to one of your websites or you used a pen name, you may not want to reprint that content in such a public forum.

Making Money with Kindle

While Amazon won’t introduce your book to its customers, the Amazon website is amazingly well designed. Over the last decade and a half, Amazon has tweaked and adjusted their sales funnel get it just right and the result is extremely high conversion rates, related sales and high return visitor rates.

Combine that with the Kindle store accessible on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads and the ability to personally market your book through your website or social media accounts and what were once blog posts and free reports suddenly become highly valuable resources drawing a secondary income.

Remember too that Apple and Barnes and Noble both offer their own eBook stores with considerable followings. If you choose to publish on Kindle, it makes sense to offer the same content in the iBookstore and on Nook.