Generating Increased Revenue by Leveraging Buzz Around New Product Features

In recent years affiliate marketing has become significantly harder to perform for a number of reasons. Google is not exactly friendly to once common methods of search engine optimization, competition has become fierce for many of the top products and niches, and the Internet has become saturated with information on the huge number of topics related to any one industry.

So anything to give you an edge is immediately a powerful tool. One way to gain an edge is to find a way to leverage the work of somebody else to generate more revenue.

This is exactly what affiliate marketing does. Taking the work performed by someone else in developing a product and driving traffic to their site for a cut of the revenue. However, you can take this one step further by leveraging the buzz that surrounds a new product, new service, or new feature added to a product to generate more traffic to your own website. Here’s how it works.

Leveraging Product Buzz

I’m not going to assume that you’re promoting any one kind of product or service. Some of you may be promoting digital products, others of you promoting physical products or CPA offers. However, the one thing that all these have in common is that they often feature new products or launches that everybody gets very excited about.

When that happens, search traffic spikes. A large number of people promote these products or services at the same time, and therefore a large number of customers see them or hear about them and want to learn more. That’s why you see so many review websites, so-called sniper sites, and other sites designed to tap into this surge in traffic.

We want to do the same thing.

To take advantage of all this traffic, what we’re going to do is look for hot search trends and keywords that other people are not capitalizing on.

To do this we need to be out in front a little bit. We need to know about a new product or new release before it happens, so that we can snag the best domain names and start marketing for the best keywords before other people do.

Finding Hot Topics Before they Get Hot

In some niches this is easier than others. For example, if you promote products such as the Apple iPad or iPhone you can start producing content well in advance of a new product being released each year.

For digital products, this might be a little more complicated. If someone releases a new e-book, you may not hear about it until after it launches. So, you’ll need to make connections and join JV lists to get updates as soon as new products are announced. You can also join forums and follow popular blogs to get updates as soon as a new product is announced or discussed.

The basic idea is very simple though. Get out there, be interactive with the community in your niche, and get a clear idea of when new products are launched. The more involved you are the sooner you learn about these things and the sooner you can take advantage of the launch buzz around a new product. A product that might generate a thousand hits per month normally might see a spike of 5,000 or 10,000 hits in the first month after launch of the new product or feature. Take advantage of that and you can make a lot of money.