Five Ways to Improve Your Quality Score and Reduce Your PPC

Using Google AdWords isn’t always easy. It requires a lot of time investment and there is a substantial risk that you’ll lose money in the process if you don’t plan well. Despite all that, Google does its best to help you succeed, including providing a Quality Score for each of your keywords.

By improving this quality score, we can reduce the amount paid per click and improve ad placement. Here are five easy strategies to help you boost that quality score and enjoy a higher return on investment with your next ad campaign.

  1. Create Smaller AdGroups – You probably spend a lot of time carefully selecting keywords for your campaign, but do you separate them into ad groups based on certain criteria? The more targeted the ad copy, the better the ad group will perform and the higher your quality score will be.
  2. Optimizing Your Ads – Your ad copy is incredibly important. In each ad group, make sure the ad copy corresponds to an element of the keyword. For example, if you are promoting dog training books, you could have one ad group with keywords based on “puppies” and another based on “beagles” and yet another one based on “aggressive dogs”. The ad copy for each group should then include those key terms.
  3. Use Keywords on Your Landing Pages – With different ad groups, you can point to different landing pages and use different keywords. Make sure your landing pages correspond to the keywords you select – at least to the general themes. While dynamic keyword insertion doesn’t improve quality scoring, it certainly doesn’t hurt and can help improve conversions.
  4. Use Matching Options – Check the matching options to see what works best for your particular ad groups. If you find that broad matches are anathema to conversions, be very specific with your matches. It’s a lot of work up front, but the payoff will be bigger in the long term.
  5. Conversions – Google rewards those who bring them revenue and if your ads convert, they make money. So, split test your ads and landing page copy obsessively to improve conversions. Specifically, the click thru rate should be as high as possible. The better your ads perform for the keywords you select, the lower rates you’ll pay for those placements.

AdWords doesn’t have to be a black hole for your advertising budget – if used properly it can result in steady, recurring profits for every aspect of your business. But, do your research and target terms effectively to get there.