Finding a JV for List Swaps

One of the most powerful ways to drive sales for your marketing campaign is through a list. The larger and better targeted your list, the more sales you can make when a new product launches. But, building that list is not always easy. Depending on your niche, there are dozens of potential barriers to picking up new list members, so any edge you can get is a good one.

That’s why list swaps are so important. Truly good Internet marketers are those who are capable of recognizing the strengths of their competitors and working with them instead of against them. A list swap is the perfect realization of that mentality and will allow you to do some amazing things with your marketing efforts.

Finding a Fair Swap

While it’s in your best interest to find a partner with a big list to swap for, don’t forget that you also have a valuable commodity. The larger your list becomes, the more leverage you have in these transactions. Other people are looking for you too, so there’s no reason to gravel at their feet trying to get more prospects on your list.

When seeking a list swap, go to where other marketers congregate. Avoid services or websites that promise huge growth for your list with minimal effort. These are often scams and if the new prospects you pick up are not double opt-in you put your entire list in jeopardy.

The better route is to cultivate personal relationships with other marketers. Do this on forums like Digital Point and Warrior Forum where thousands of gurus and newbies alike gather to discuss Internet marketing and work together on projects large and small.

Creating List Swaps

You cannot just click a button and trade prospects. You still need to entice people on someone else’s list to click through your opt-in funnel and signup for your list. This requires a bonus of some sort, an email sequence that speaks to the other list owner’s prospects and a followup procedure.

In some cases, you might find that their followers are different enough from yours that they deserve their own list. You still have the leverage to make that swap happen but don’t feel like every prospect you approach needs to go into the same list. Segmentation can make it easier to target them in the future.

List building is a must for any good marketer, but at the same time you should remain vigilant and look for ways to leverage the list you’ve created and generate more interest in your sites through list swaps.