Finance Brands – How to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows financial companies to advertise their products, software tools, apps, and brands across the Web. Today, most people use the internet to look for financial advice, credit reporting, scores, and computer repair services, as well as bankruptcy and banking services, investment services or loans, and even, creates a platform to help with filing and declaring their taxes.

To this end, financial companies have a great opportunity to indulge in finance-related affiliate programs from the different trusted and well known institutions and names in the industry.

Promoting Financial Services and Products through Affiliate Marketing

For promoters with financial blogs and websites, monetizing is now easier than ever before. This is mostly on account of the fact that affiliate marketing platforms now have tools, links, and other resources that affiliates can use to promote different financial programs.

Apart from using Google AdWords, bloggers are now falling back on the promotion of financial affiliate programs. Essentially, these programs work by giving bloggers and advertisers an opportunity to refer traffic to specific services and products. In case the referral makes a purchase, the advertiser earns a commission based on the transaction.

Seeing as how financial products and services are in such great demand in the marketplace, it follows that the potential for making a killing in this industry is phenomenal. In fact, you can even get affiliate programs for financial products and brands that actually pay per click and/or per lead.

The great thing about making money through financial affiliate programs is that it does not require the attraction of targeted traffic. In fact, if you only look for traffic that consists of other bloggers, it is highly unlikely that you will make any money. This is on account of the fact that most bloggers tend to ignore anything that is promoted.

To make money through these programs, therefore, consider getting search engine traffic that is related directly to the specific financial product and/or service you are promoting. By so doing, you will reach people who are already looking for specifically what you are promoting.

The Challenge

The challenge, however, with financial affiliate programs is that most keywords related to specific financial products and services tend to be competitive. Therefore, affiliates need to build up great strength before launching their campaigns.

In the same way, affiliates need to get creative with the keywords and key phrases they choose to target. In particular, affiliates can easily succeed when they have plans in place to start promoting the financial affiliate programs more when their websites and blogs have better chances of ranking well for the selected keywords.

If you are an affiliate, consider launching a page that already features the best offers for credit cards. If you have experience promoting credit cards and credit services on other websites, you will have an easier time promoting the same as part of a larger affiliate marketing platform/program.

However, you need to remember that financial services and products (irrespective of what they may be) tend to be highly competitive. To succeed, it is imperative that you always ensure that you are at the top of your game. You also need to employ a couple of extra marketing tactics to ensure that you get more referrals and convince them to buy what you are promoting.

Whatever the case, and whichever financial software, application, brand, product, and/or service you choose to promote, you can be sure that there will be an affiliate program out there for it. This is why you should start thinking in terms of the specific financial services and/or products you are most comfortable recommending to your audience and readers.

Suggestions for Affiliates

Some of the financial affiliate programs you need to consider promoting include but are not limited to:

– Financial software

– Investment brokers

– Online banking

– Insurance

– Loads

– Credit reports

There are many other financial affiliate programs out there, meaning that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something to promote through your affiliate programs. In case you are ever in doubt, consider checking out what the most established affiliates and bloggers are already promoting. Then, choose a product/service that they are already promoting. Most of these experts have taken the time to check and test what works best. Therefore, you have higher chances of trying out financial affiliate programs that are already being promoted by bigwigs in your chosen industry.

Affiliate Marketing for Financial Software, Apps and Brands

Financial companies and service providers are now going out of their way to entice bloggers and advertisers with cash commissions. This common practice has found great traction in the form of financial affiliate programs. Whereas some bloggers are paid for every sale they trigger successfully, others receive commissions based on the overall number of clicks they generate.

In financial services, it is always better to go for the pay per sale model. This is because the returns on investment for this model is comparatively higher than when the financial services provider chooses to pay per click.

Today, it is even possible to start a financial affiliate program for the express purpose of getting people to open accounts with you, to close their loans, and to download and install your financial application and/or software tools.

So long as the advertisers can run modest banner ads to generate the sales you are looking for, you can rest assured that the referrals will start coming in. Amazingly, the best financial affiliate programs now encompass unique codes, banners, images, and other resources that are designed to make it easier for bloggers and advertisers to promote the products and services being marketed through affiliates. You can even put up a couple of performance incentives – rewarding those bloggers who go out of their way to write favorable reviews thus encouraging their readers to get the services and products being marketed.

Introducing affiliaXe

affiliaXe is one of the companies that runs excellent financial affiliate programs. Highly established in the marketplace and with one of the best user interfaces, this platform has attracted a number of clients from the financial services and products industry. Some of the top clients who use this platform for their financial affiliate program, include but are not limited to:

1. LifeLock

LifeLock does more than just monitor credit. They always go over and above board by helping to protect the personal information of its clients. It does this using a combination of outstanding member services and data surveillance techniques. What is more, these services and techniques run around the clock – 24/7/365. This means that clients can easily tell that they will be well protected when they use this financial company to monitor their credit.

Currently, LifeLock has a partnership with affiliaXe where they have established one of the most unique of all financial affiliate programs. This program is effective and has helped the company attract tons of new clients looking for this specific type of financial service.

2. GoFreeCredit

Another of the clients working with affiliaXe, GoFreeCredit allows people to get their credit scores free of charge. The service even provides a free trial for credit monitoring from TransUnion.

To get more people to use the service to check their credit scores online, automatically, and instantly, GoFreeCredit teamed up with affiliaXe. Today, their financial affiliate programs have gone a long way in getting more people to use the services that this credit check company offers – definitely more than the number of people who used GoFreeCredit before the partnership.

3. Identity Guard

One of the most relevant of campaigns in the modern world, Identity Guard provides total protection against identity theft. The brand has really grown especially after it joined forces with affiliaXe to promote this specific type of service to its target clients through one of the most revolutionary of identity theft financial affiliate programs.

4. MyFreeScoreNow

Another of the more visible credit score checking service providers, MyFreeScore Now provides free credit score checks. It works with TransUnion and Experian to deliver its unique service to all and sundry.

Working with affiliaXe, MyFreeScore Now allows a number of promotions. These include, but are not limited to email marketing, link outs, network marketing, posts, search engine optimization, social media marketing and the use of banners.

So, there you have it – the top financial companies that have found great value in their marketing initiatives by partnering with affiliaXe. Each of these companies has benefited in more ways than one from the partnership.

Benefits of Finance Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing holds a number of benefits for companies dealing in anything to do with finance. Whether the firm provides free credit checks, loans, loan collections, mortgages, savings and current accounts, or even banking services, you can be sure that one of the best ways to get people to download your firm’s software products and/or apps is to encourage them to install them and start using the products or services on offer for themselves.

Over and above everything else, financial affiliate programs will go a long way in helping any financial services provider gain greater traction in the market, attract more targeted and qualified clients, engage them, and convert them into actual customers. In particular, the platform provided by affiliaXe for financial services is great.

Consider starting your own financial affiliate program on the platform today and watch as your audience, clients, and general bottom line improves in ways you never thought possible.