Finance & Loans – Best Offers, Types, and Traffic Sources

Every year, right around the first of January, there’s a gradual slump in online sales with eCommerce sites pining for the wonderful holiday season to return.

There’s a gradual plummet in revenue, and even worse, a significant increase in product returns and refunds.

The holiday season has a huge effect on consumers as well as online business as many shoppers are still paying off their last year’s debt. With the holiday season comes the pressure to spend, and gift-buying Americans are spending $700 on average.

This fact is what makes the Finance and Loans verticals gain more consumer attention and power during the month of January. Holiday induced debt is a growing problem and consumers are looking for an easy way out.

This is where you come in.

Probably one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing, joining a finance and/or loans affiliate program might even look too good to be true: with high lead commission rates (up to $100!) and high intention traffic (hey, who doesn’t want financial security?) – there are clicks and leads aplenty, with no end in sight. It’s an almost guaranteed profit-maker.

What’s more, finances (and their associated lead generation) prizes discreteness, making it a potential goldmine for affiliates to get in on.

Types of Loans on Offer

Loans come in many forms and vary according to the duration of repayment terms, interest rate, and relevant applicant credit levels.

Payday Loans/Cash Advances

Payday loans are as they (almost) sound – a small amount of money, which is borrowed until a near-future date (i.e, a short-term loan to keep you tied over until your next payday).

With credit checks performed seemingly at random, everyone has the chance to apply.

Mortgage Loans

These are property loans that are paid off over, usually, along a period of time (up to 35 years). Available to specific, eligible applicants only, the loan is treated as collateral against the property being mortgaged.

Debt Relief

This type of loan is for borrowers who are looking to manage their current debt and reduce the amounts owed.

This type of loan allows debtors to manage their debt in the short term but may have negative impacts on their credit scores otherwise. Such companies allow the consolidation of several existing loans into a single loan and help users to reduce their monthly repayments by extending the term of the loan.

Credit Repair

Customers with low credit scores can take out a small loan in order to boost their current, low score, and make themselves seem more desirable and financially responsible in the eyes of the banks.

Personal loans

Typically, bigger than a payday loan, with a longer, installment-based payment period, these are often used for small purchases or non-urgent personal expenses. They are often unsecured with any collateral., and applicants typically will have a good credit rating.

What are Payday Affiliates?

In general, there is so much opportunity in the digital economy for affiliates to connect the right consumers with the rights payday lenders. A payday affiliate is simply an affiliate recommending payday loans – not too difficult a concept to grasp.

As a payday loan affiliate you can earn big by simply adding banners and links with strong call-to-action messages, or even by purchasing traffic.

You could even create an ad campaign or focused blog to reel in the right audience and generate more leads. With an effective affiliate program in place, an affiliate willing to work hard and stay on top of internet marketing trends will ultimately gain more traffic and make more money.

To be a successful payday affiliate it is essential to choose the right program to help you to monetize your traffic.

Top affiliaXe Offers for Loans Deals

affiliaXe has some of the top affiliate deals on the market – if you’re an affiliate marketer for the finance and loans industry, check out these programs for a more profitable 2018:

LendingLegend (payday loan) – a short-term loan that offers personal loans for up to a $1,000 loan. As with all payday loans, borrowers are required to pay back within a short period of time.

Zippy Loan – good and bad credit alike, get premium access to personal loans up to $15,000 for both installment and short-term loans. Short-term lenders give you the option to pay back as soon as your next payday and multiple installments can even be paid back up to 60 months later.

Speedy Net Loan (payday loan) – with more than 100 lenders, loans are on offer for applicants of all credit types. Online approval is possible within a few minutes of completing the quick application form – it’s called ‘speedy’ for a reason.

GoFreeCredit – get a $1 credit report and be in the know when it comes to your credit score. Make sure that your report is 100% accurate and closely monitor changes. Highly important when it comes to buying a home, car and improving your credit.

The best traffic sources to promote Finance offers

When it comes to Finance and loan offers, targeting the right traffic is a no-brainer. However, not every traffic source can do the trick. When it comes to handling money wisely, people tend to trust those who know their way around money – from finance guides, budgeting tips, loan advice and more.

The following traffic sources have proven themselves as the best working channels for promoting finance offers.

Email marketing

If you have a huge number of people on your mailing list, you can drive great traffic to your finance offers. You can prepare a good and informative article or well-crafted newsletter and send it to your mailing list. Include a link to your offer to the message, those interested in reading the message partially or fully, will most likely show interest and click on your offer link.

We highly recommend using these email marketing services for your email campaign:





Personal blogs or websites

If you have your own blog or website connected to the world of finance, you can easily utilize it to promote related offers. Blogs and personal websites have grown into highly reliable and powerful sources of information that people come to trust more and more – hence, a goldmine for driving good traffic.

Take full advantage of your blog by investing time and quality content that will interest your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Well-written content and detailed posts will convince people you are trusted, and they will most likely check your offers as well.

Blogs that talk finance are mostly run by those competent in handling money issues and other topics across the financial landscape.

On her Well and Wealthy blog post How 6 personal finance bloggers make money blogging, Sammy rounds up 6 income reports of 6 personal finance bloggers who made it big in the finance blogging sphere – “It’s all about how you market your blog and how much of a tribe you have built up.

The correlation between page views and monthly income

The graph above shows that more page views can lead to a higher income, as long as you continue to offer valuable and relevant content/posts/products to your readers. If they see an evidence that something works for you, they’ll get the product, creating more money for you.

As Sammy also reveals, when it comes to how long it takes for your blog to produce profit, time is less relevant as it’s not always a good measurement for your success – work smarter not harder.

And these 6 finance bloggers are a great proof.

Tip! Always promote an offer you believe in and relate to yourself.

Overall, there are so many attractive ways to make a profit from the finance and loan industry, because at some point everyone needs some type of loan, be it for short or long term. You can sign up for an affiliate program today and match buyers with the right lenders, or earn a commission from recommending a certain provider.

With a little work, you can make guaranteed regular high commissions!