Fashion Sites/Apps – How to Increase Sales with Affiliate Marketing

From catwalks right down to actual conversions, bloggers and website owners are becoming successful through the influence of fashion affiliate marketing. Long gone are the days when hopeful, albeit helpless, fashion lovers sought recognition from and partnerships with major fashion labels and houses. Today, in fact, advertisers have started pulling out all the stops.

Recently, Pinterest removed affiliate links from their website. Although this announcement devastated a couple of bloggers, others were unaffected. The reason: diversification.

Social Media Promotion

To this end, you cannot rely on a single content channel if you wish to continue driving incredible sales through your fashion affiliate marketing efforts. Actually, you need to rely on various tools and social media channels to share your affiliate links, content, and images in-order to succeed. So long as you have the right media mix and can attract and interact with new readers, you will be in a better position for promoting fashion sites, brands, and apps that you have taken on.

Most bloggers, you might want to know, use such channels as Twitter to market their client’s products and website features by mentioning them within their content. Instagram, on the other hand, is a bit limiting because it doesn’t provide users with solutions to tag the products they feature in their posts. However, you can solve this problem by relying on 3rd party services to create look-books from your Instagram content.

Influencers have been using social media to expand their reach and that of the brands, apps and sites they are promoting to for quite some time. As a result fashion affiliate marketing tools have been evolving and now allow promoters to monetize on both their websites and on related social media properties.

Delving Deeper into Fashion Affiliate Marketing

When discussing the monetization of fashion content, you will often revert to affiliate marketing. This is because of the ease of earning blogging bucks from the items you typically share with your followers and readership. You can even become a brand name in your own right by transforming your musings on fashion into a full-blown business operation.

The brands you promote, on the other hand, will reap the rewards of your affiliate marketing efforts. Whereas fashion houses used to shy away from pursuing this line of marketing, today it is easier to find them online and not on such traditional advertisement avenues as billboards.

With the recent diversification in new technologies and publisher types, as well as the rise of visual content marketing, fashion brands have gained confidence in the efficiency of this sector.

Over the past few years, fashion shopping habits have changed and brands are recognizing that customers take different approaches to get their hands on the products they wish to adorn. Fashion aggregators are even placing premium brands in luxury environments.

High end brands have also started capitalizing on the opportunity in these incentivized websites, which they initially shied away from. This is why fashion affiliate marketing networks – such as affiliaXe – are now offering strong brand-led environments and great shopping experiences for interested and willing customers.

How Affiliate Marketing Benefits Fashion Sites, Brands and Apps

a) Higher Sales

The main benefit that affiliate marketing holds for the fashion industry is the increase in leads and sales for well-managed programs. Once the program becomes established, these conversions could go over and beyond the 25% mark.

b) Brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing, in addition, is useful for building brand awareness. Essentially, the affiliate program would allow the fashion brand to reach out to new audiences through the affiliates and promoters that already have an established following which includes the market that the particular brand is targeting.

Therefore, affiliate marketing has offered an interesting way for fashion brands to develop brand advocates while simultaneously building their own brand through fashion websites and blogs. As such, this type of online marketing allows the brand to work with different publishers – both large and small – in ways that are mutually beneficial.

The Cost of Fashion Affiliate Marketing

Essentially, the cost of affiliate marketing programs depends on how one decides to set it up. At affiliaXe, the cost and levels of support vary from one program to the next. At this platform, therefore, you would need to pay setup fees, monthly fees, and percentages of the commissions to be issued to affiliates. When you compare these costs to traditional advertising, you will see that they are relatively low. In addition, the returns on your investment will be three or four times what you would have gained if you had gone the traditional route.

You can set up your own affiliate program, however, using an affiliate network, a middle man, might cost you less in terms of money but you would be required to invest more time setting it up, running it, tracking it, and managing your affiliates. Why not spend this time focusing on creating a great fashion brand and churning awesome labels and products and let the experts work on promoting you through their affiliate programs?

Advantages of Using an Affiliate Network

Your fashion house is focused on producing enviable items that you are sure your target market will absolutely swoon over and buy. However, unless you get the word out there and your market actually sees what you have to offer, you might as well be groping in the dark.

To this end, an affiliate network removes the guesswork from the equation by offering both quantity and quality in terms of the traffic it will direct to your fashion site, brand, and/or app – while simultaneously increasing your sales through its innovative fashion affiliate marketing programs.

The diversity of publishers on an affiliate network will also offer you the management, support, and guidance you need to ensure your online marketing works seamlessly. The approach on a network is also unique, professional and highly personal – which is why the platform always brings quantifiable sales to its clients in the fashion industry. In addition, working with a network provides highly advanced monetization tools.

Working with affiliaXe

Whether you are an affiliate looking to push fashion houses into the limelight or you are a brand interested in making more conversions through your online presence, your website and application, you can always rely on affiliaXe to make your dreams come true.

At the moment, affiliaXe provides fashion affiliate marketing services for some of the most recognizable of fashion brands. In the following section, we will review these clients to give you a better glimpse of what an offer might look like on this platform:


ASOS (found at ranks among the most visible of online beauty and fashion retailers. As such, it offers thousands of its own-label and branded product lines for beauty, jewelry, accessories, footwear, menswear, and womenswear. It also provides free shipping internationally.

Due in part to its partnership with affiliaXe, ASOS received 98 million visits in December 2014. Today, it has active customers numbering into the tens of millions. As a result, it enjoys total sales volumes every year that exceed over $1.5 billion.

2. Caliroots

This Swedish sneaker and streetwear retailer ships internationally. It is widely known for its high quality products, which are often limited in production. As one of the most influential of names in street fashion, Caliroots has capitalized on the power of fashion affiliate marketing through its partnership with affiliaXe.


If you are looking for something noteworthy that will make you stand out, this is the women’s fashion shop to visit. It works with 800+ international brands to offer women around the globe a great selection of products from both emerging and established designers. SHOPBOP also offers easy return options and free shipping around the world.

affiliaXe partnered with SHOPBOP to bring a comprehensive collection of chic designer accessories and apparel right to the modern woman’s palm or laptop through affiliate marketing.

4. Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut is a leader in sunglasses in the sport, fashion, and luxury line. Today, it boasts 3000+ locations around the globe. Associated with such names as Dolce & Gabbana, Persol, Giorgio Armani, Oakley, Prada, and Ray-Ban, this fashion house is another of affiliaXe’s loyal partners.