Facebook Flex Targeting: How to Use This (Free) Facebook Tool to Get More Targeted Traffic

In this day and age, every business, e-commerce or affiliate site, needs to be flexible and relevant to its customers’ desires. These desires often change, new trends are popping up and old fads are fading away.

Just as you’re constantly adding to and adapting your content and the products you’re featuring on your pages, you’ll need to adapt your Facebook ads as well.

Take Charles Ngo’s Netflix recommendations, “I love Dave Chappelle. Because of this, Netflix will recommend other standup comedians like Jerry Seinfeld. But I don’t like Jerry Seinfeld – not my style of humour. Netflix assumes that because I like Dave Chappelle, I must like all stand up comedy.”

Not the case.

To make sure your ads get to the right audience, you’ll need a special targeting tool.

Thankfully, for all of your Facebook affiliate marketing needs, Facebook has that clever tool in which you can do that, enter: Flex Targeting.

What Is Facebook Flex Targeting and Why Is it Useful?

Facebook Ads are notoriously affordable ways to get your site to a wider audience.

Thanks to Facebook Flex targeting, you can create a simple ad for a customizable audience.

You can use a variety of filters – interests, gender, location, age and more – and be assured that your ad isn’t just floating around in cyberspace appearing to the wrong people.

By using Facebook Flex targeting, you’re telling Facebook who you’d like to see your ads and they’re using their clever algorithms to make sure your audience gets reached.

With the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll be able to see how successful your ads are by looking at things like how many people they reached (including their demographics), how many people engaged in the ad and how much it costs you per successful result.

It’s a great tool to utilize, because aside from the ad itself – Facebook Flex is completely free. So now you want to know, how do you actually make an ad using Facebook Flex Targeting?

How Do You Use Facebook Flex Targeting?

First things first, you have to know your audience.

The first step to creating your ad is to head over to the Facebook Ads Manager.

From there, navigate your way to the Audience Insights page and explore the kinds of audiences that are in your target location, age, interest group and more.

You can keep your audience as broad as a location and age range or narrow down to something as specific as single moms, ages 25-50, in the Bay Area, who love fitness, running and Yoga. Yes, you can get that specific.

We will then save our chosen audience under Fitness Women.

Create a new advertisement through the Ads Manager using the audience you created.

When you decide to ‘create a new campaign’ you’ll be taken to a page that asks you your objective: awareness, consideration or conversion – with more specific options under each of the categories.

Keep in mind that to track conversions you’ll need a Facebook Pixel installed.

Once you’ve selected your objective, you’ll be asked where you want your ad campaign to take customers and which kind of audience to use.

Here’s where you can select your saved (broad) audience and then customize it according to specific interests and demographics.

You can narrow down your target audience and choose people to exclude from your campaign by clicking “Exclude People” or “Narrow Audience“.

What’s the difference?

When you “Exclude People”, you choose the audience you do not want to target.

For example, you want to target sports loving women with no interest whats so ever in outdoor recreation, so you can use Flex Targeting to exclude them.

You can also target your audience based on more than one set of preferences – Interests, Demographics and Behaviors.

For example, I want to target only married women, ages 25-50, who are into Physical Fitness, Running and Yoga, and Cycling.

Set the budget.

And ready to go.

Facebook Flex is a great tool, not to mention a smartly-designed ad fit for your future clientele and that means more foot traffic.

How to Optimize Facebook Flex Targeting

Facebook Ads Manager and the Flex Targeting Tool can have you creating audience-geared ads in minutes. But you want to make sure your ads are working to the best of their abilities, so here are our top tips on how to help these tools take your advertising to the next level:

Testing, Testing: 1, 2, 3

Consider each ad you place a learning experience.

From each ad campaign, you’ll be able to access a webpage full of data on how your ad performed. From demographics to reach to results – you’ll be able to see where your ad succeeded and with which kind of audiences. Use this information to adapt the audience, placement and other specifications for your next ad campaign and bring you better results.

Provide a Converting Landing (Page)

Your ad might be the most cleverly targeted ad out there on the interweb but if you don’t provide a converting landing page, well, you’ve got some work to do. Make sure your landing page is clear, to-the-point and most importantly not asking too much of people.

While we’d all love the opportunity to win a vacation to Honolulu, if we have to enter the name of our mother’s childhood pet into one more form, well, we might just quit Facebook altogether.

Provide your audience with an appealing, easy-to-navigate, simple-yet-informative landing page, to ensure the best conversion rate for your ad.

Let Your Creative Side Shine

These days, Facebook ads are a dime a dozen, so be sure to make yours stand out as much as possible.

Use witty content, great graphics and utilize the variety of format options on Facebook Ad manager.

It’s truly easy to incorporate video, multiple images, a slideshow or even a full on collection of items through the Ads Manager. Play around, explore the options, always check the previews across your devices and you’ll be on your way to creating a great ad with Facebook Flex Targeting.

Pretty cool, right?

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